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 Donald Trump, Banned Painting
Donald Trump Painting Revealing His Princess Tiny Meat Banned On Facebook - ArtLyst Article image

Donald Trump Painting Revealing His Princess Tiny Meat Banned On Facebook

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A pastel drawing by the gender fluid artist Illma Gore depicting Republican hopeful Donald Trump has resulted in censorship of the artist by Facebook. The irreverent image shows billionaire Trump in his briefs with his small anatomy poking out of the flap. 

Illma Gore is a Los Angeles-based feminist artist. She created the artwork after forming the slogan, "You can be a massive prick, despite what is in your pants," Trump is depicted with a micro-penis. Showing his fat belly hanging over his legs.  The image has gone viral on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, and is currently receiving broadsheet media exposure from dozens of newspapers. "Not everyone is psyched about Trump's junk being all up in their feed, however. Shortly after she posted the painting on February 10, Facebook notified her that her account was being suspended temporarily. The site has since been intermittently blocking her for three day-periods for reposting the image. Why keep posting an image that is certain to get you banned? "I am doing it to rebuke censorship,” the artist stated.

The original artwork was for sale on eBay earlier this week but Gore was blocked from posting the image in full and uncensored glory on the auction site. eBay later agreed that the picture fell under the "art" category which does allow nudity. The eBay auction has now finished. Gore said she will donate a portion of the proceeds to homeless teens at a charity organization called Safe Place for Youth. 

Monday afternoon, Facebook notified Gore that she temporarily lost her Facebook privileges again. The notice said the ban would last for 13 hours, but it seems to be back up again. 

In the past Facebook has been criticised for banning works of art by Gerhard Richter Gustave Courbet and even the statue of Denmarks little Mermaid in an unprecedented outbreak of prudishness not seen since Victorian times. 


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