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Justin Bieber Nude Photos And Videos The Real Story

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Justin Bieber has admitted on twitter that reports of "personal footage" which had 'gone missing' from his camera and computer after the equipment was stolen, while he was on stage, was a publicity stunt.

As millions of fans watched social networking sites, the news item went viral. Tasteful partially 'nude' photos and a video soon appeared on the web. However these photos were no more revealing than other published images of the teen idol, on a beach.  As it turns out the Canadian was behind the joke all along. He Tweeted "Since I was 14 I have had a lot of things said about me, from dying, to saying I had a baby with a woman I never even met, nude pics, drugs etc...but today...today I get to be in on it".

As a result of the stunt, his latest video, 'Beauty and A Beat', received 10.6 million views within the first 24 hours of release. It has since risen to more than 42 million views. It takes a lot of blatant disregard for your fans to pull a stunt like this!!! and The Bieb seems just not to care anymore, if it will sell records. The advise you receive from managers and record labels should often be disregarded by the artist. A more mature recording artist would not conform to this sort of behaviour, but than again look at Madonna popping out her sagging mammary gland, at a recent concert. This is proof that some of these sad spoilt brats never grow up!!!

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