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Kate Moss Colouring Book Becomes Instant Bestseller

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Royal College Of Art Graduate makes 'Colour Me Good Kate' a classic

A new Kate Moss colouring book, created by Royal College of art graduate, Mel Simone Elliott, has become an instant bestseller. The book which contains 14 pages of black line drawings, ready to fill in, shows the super model in some of her best known poses. Kate’s iconic face combined with the fun of colouring in has been a phenomenal success with both adults and children selling several thousand units. Some of the poses show the model smoking not exactly for the under 18's but original just the same. The Colour Me Good Kate Moss Coloring Book is a an illustrated celebration of Britain’s favourite supermodel.
Legend has it that UK based company, 'I Love Mel' was formed after Mel Simone Elliott was dumped by her boyfriend. she created celebrity-inspired paintings, prints, badges, and even temporary tattoos to get over the heartache. 'I Love Mel' started out life as a pastiche of Jackie magazine meets Stella Vine. A few badges were made and handed out and it spawned a cottage industry .
On Graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2007, Mel began designing fun, printed products such as colouring books and paper dolls and I Love Mel became "less of a badge and more of a brand".
"My work has always been influenced by pop culture, celebrity, fame, glossy magazines and the aesthetic perfection that goes hand in hand with all that stuff. The colouring books and paper dolls were developed when I realised that the things we enjoyed doing as young children, such as cutting out and colouring in, would still be enjoyed by adults, if only the activity books had 'grown up' with us."      
Luckily for Mel, her life has always been remarkably unpredictable. Her love-life is completely tragic and probably always will be. Ridiculous situations appear to follow her around, making her existence into one long, dark comedy. However, rather than sitting and feeling sorry for herself, she decided to make a career from it, deliberately putting herself into situations that will have an effect on her life and then writing about it. Her writing, whether it be fiction, non-fiction or film script is always embarrassingly autobiographical, jam-packed with everyday observations, irony and dry wit. Moss, who coined the popular phrase, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” continues to mature with style and grace.

The book is available for $15 on Amazon

Read More About Kate Moss here

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