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Parallax AF Returns To London In February For Sixth Edition

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The Parallax Art Fair returns to London for its sixth outing 21 February. The fair grew out of an international exhibition called “Parallax” that was conceived and curated by the art historian and theorist Dr Chris Barlow.  Parallax AF is different from other artists’ fairs in that it is like a specialised exhibition. It is a serious platform for international and national artists to present their work to national and international dealers, art industry people, collectors, critics and buyers without commission charges. This also provides artists with the benefit, if they wish, to present non-commercial work, or to try out new commercial ideas, without high overhead risks often associated with other fairs. Works by over 200 makers on show at the UKs leading artist-led-non-art fair, Parallax ‘Art’ Fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, 22nd 23rd February 2013.

Parallax AF is also smaller and intimate than other fairs, and held in a professional gallery space in central London. The shows are curated by a professional guest curator, having the feel of an organised exhibition, and catalogue essays are written by specialists. Parallax AF aims to provide a key service in helping artists to promote and sell their work, as well as providing a platform for developing their careers and practice. 
Young Chinese artist Echo Morgan transformed the surface of her entire body into a Ming vase for an art work called “Born China; Bone China”, which will be on display at the sixth edition of Parallax Art Fair. A current student at the Royal College of Art, Morgan, who interprets her own work as partly informed by politico-sexual statements made during her childhood, commented: “In my work I take on the role of director, performer, narrator, and filmmaker. I collect and collage encounters, voices, texts and images from my cultural roots in China and my daily life in UK. Through the mediums of performance and film, I explore the intrinsic and complex relationship between violence, beauty, and vulnerability, re-examining how these antipodal constructs impact ideas of the 'self' and the body.”

 Other highlighted artists include Dutch artist Robert Lambermont whose object, “Face of Time”, will be one of the first kinetic objects to display at Parallax. French artist Silvia Anguelova will exhibit photographs from her Eternal Feminine series. “My work,” she comments, “links the social, cultural and religious codes of our contemporary society with the hidden feminine aspect of our male-dominated religions. By juxtaposing religions stories, myths, periods, fears, taboos, beauty and expectations my work constructs the model of the Eternal Feminine as the feminine face of God, the fundamental prototype, the Mother-Matrix – the origin and ultimate end of life, the eternity of space, man’s missing opposite pole.” In contrast, and quirkily British to the core, Eve Brinkley-Wittington uses glitter and paint to create idiomatic landscapes of her native Essex, UK.  

Photo: Courtesy of  the Performance artist Echo Morgan

Parallax AF

Visit Fair Here

Thursday 21st February: VIP Private View, 7.30-9.30pm Friday 22nd – Saturday 23rd: 11am -5pm
Venue: Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road, London, SW3 5EE, Sloane Square tube

" Please be very careful dealing with Dr. Chris Barlow, Amreen Kahn or Parallax Art Fair. They are based out of England and run art fairs there, in New York City and in Miami. They market and rent booths to artists of all kind. I rented one of their booths at the November 2012 Art Fair in New York City. The event was in a dark hall at a place called the Prince George (I’m now told it also serves as a homeless shelter). Amreen Kahn told me that they rent the Prince George for $6,000. They charge each artist about $1000 for a booth and about $200 for lights. There were between 50-75 artists, but not all rented full booths, some just rent panels. At the opening there were no lights on the artwork, you couldn’t see what you were looking at! Here’s a good review of what happened by another artist: http://lynnetteshelley.blogspot.com/2012/11/back-from-big-apple-parallax-art-fair.html?m=1 It was impossible to get any answers about the missing lights. Many artists scrambled the next morning and purchased their own lights from Home Depot and clamped them to the top of their booths. Some artists couldn’t find a power outlet. Others were left to stand in front of their dark and invisible-to-see artwork for 2 days. It was very sad. People went to Amreen Kahn and she appeared to do nothing to help. When asked about a refund, she said Dr. Chris Barlow would send out an email to all the artists after the show. The general feeling was that the artists were ripped off and there would be no refund. But the lighting was half the problem. Not many buyers came to the event. Almost all of the visitors were friends and family members of other artists. With a little bit of Google searching, the November 2012 Art Fair was not listed in any event guide, online or in print, nor could I find any articles or press about it. In the end, artists stood around for 2 days (some in darkness) without anyone really interested in buying art, although in fairness I think a lady sold something (and she brought her own light). Parallax Art Fair and Dr. Chris Barlow are now taking money from other artists and they have not refunded dozens of artists for the lighting that we prepaid but did not receive. Kahn, Dr. Chris Barlow and Parallax are no longer responding to emails regarding the refund. It is important that other artists be informed before dealing with characters that would act like this. I found two other links for fellow artists who want more information about Parallax Art Fair or Dr. Chris Barlow: http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1302176 artbusiness.com/artist-pay-to-play-list.html But please do your own homework about these characters. Buyer beware. " - 31-01-2013  
" Hi PrNam. We have just spotted this post. We are interested in you identifying yourself as we suspect you were not exhibitor. You can email our office. Thank you. " - 22-02-2013  
" PrNam, Please provide evidence that you hired a booth in November as you allege in your post. You would have been given a customer number so it can be verified. Having had email records looked over from September-December 2012, and having also contacted artists from November, there is no record of any exhibitor that matches what you have said in your post. It would appear that you have been misrepresenting Ms Kahn and Dr Barlow. " - 08-04-2013  

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