Samsung Galaxy Note II , Wreck it Ralph
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Sponsored Video Samsung Galaxy Note II And Wreck it Ralph Collaboration

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Sponsored Post - Samsung Galaxy Note II merges with the 52nd animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classic series  'Wreck it Ralph Is Missing' is launched with a strong content fuelled campaign.  With a wider and thinner body, The Samsung GALAXY Note II is perfectly portable. Its 5.5” HD Super AMOLED screen offers a 16:9 screen ratio for a stunning viewing experience. Its redesigned S-Pen lets you visualize ideas in a flash with Idea Sketch and freely crop images with Easy Clip. The GALAXY Note II allows the user to multitask through features like Multi Window and Air View, to let you do more, faster.

The plot of Wreck It Ralph revolves around an arcade game villain, Wreck-It Ralph, who rebels against his role and dreams to become a hero. He can travel between games, and tries to change his image as the bad guy, until he has to face his ultimate challenge, eliminating a terrible threat against the entire arcade. Will he be able to change his destiny? The title character is the bad guy from a made-up 80s video game. He has always done his job well but he is in a dead end job. Ralph escapes through the wires of Litwak's Family Fun Center searching for another game where he might prove his worth. Rich Moore is the Director of the film. He is famous for having directed episodes of The Simpsons and Futurama. Executive producer is John Lasseter, Disney Chief Creative Officer and director of some the most popular Pixar movies; Toy Story, A Bug’s Life and Cars. - Sponsored Post

Videos and games are available through visiting the competition’s website, to learn more about the Galaxy Note II and the Wreck-It Ralph characters. Join the competition website,  find the missing pixels and complete the Ralph poster. By doing this you could win a Galaxy Note II and exclusive goodie bags. Check it out   Here

For more information about the GALAXY Note II, click here

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