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  Title Type Posted
100 sq ft studio with Free WIFI, NO VAT and No Business Rates
ArtSpace 08-05-2013
New Studio and Workspace
ArtSpace 07-05-2013
660 sq ft ground floor live work studio.
N15_Seven Sisters 3 Fountayne Road (adj. to Broad
ArtSpace 07-05-2013
Warehouse / workspace / studio available to rent in Hackney Wick - 300 sq ft
E3_Hackney Wick Autumn Street
ArtSpace 07-05-2013
Fantastic location! 85 sq ft art studio / workshop / office in converted building for artists & creative use
E8 Kingsland 258 Kingsland Road
ArtSpace 07-05-2013
We make websites for artists, arts projects and arts organisations.
East London
Services 03-05-2013
Artist Studio Spaces Available in the creative hub of Hackney Downs Studios
ArtSpace 02-05-2013
Life art model
Services 23-04-2013
Brand new 4 rooms warehouse available
N15_Seven Sisters Markfield Road (adj. to Broad La
ArtSpace 23-04-2013
B1 use 1000 sq ft music studio available in Croydon
CR0_Croydon Progress Way, Croydon, CR0 4XD
ArtSpace 23-04-2013

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