50 Foot Scarf Warms-Up Angel Of The North


Guerilla knitters have placed a 50 foot scarf around the Angel of the North.

The multicoloured woollen creation was fired over the 20 metre sculpture using a bow and arrow before knitters clambered up using rigging to wind the scarf around the sculpture’s body.

The ‘Cold Angel’ project was set up by Bradley L Garrett who joined forces with felt worker Lucy Sparrow and her knitting group to produce the scarf.

Bradley, who describes himself as a writer, photographer and researcher at Oxford University, has chronicled the project on his blog.

He wrote: “It turns out that shooting an arrow from a bow with fishing line tied to it in 30mph gusts and near freezing temperatures and light rain is is not as easy as it looks in films.

“With winter weather rolling in, the Angel was bound to be getting cold.

“Lucy decided we should address this potential crisis while also playfully probing the non-participatory nature of the sculpture.”

But Gateshead Council has issued a statement condemning act: “The Angel Of The North is one of the most significant pieces of public art in the country and was always meant to be seen as Antony Gormley intended .

“This was a dangerous stunt which posed a serious risk to health and safety both to those involved and to members of the public.

“We have instructed contractors to remove the scarf and we will be seeking costs from the people involved.”


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