Affordable Art Fair To Reveal Damien Hirst New Works

AAF will see unveiling of new Damien Hirst spot works at affordable prices!

By the end of 2011, the Affordable Art Fair reached their one millionth visitor, having sold an incredible £145 million worth of affordable art worldwide. The fair is proof indeed that ‘you don’t need to be a squillionaire to collect and enjoy first-class art’.

And now it is to have the honour of bringing some never-before-seen woodcuts of Hirst’s spots to the market for unprecedented value.

Known for the radical expense of his work, including ‘For The Love Of God’ – a platinum skull encrusted with  8,601 diamonds, costing $23.6 million to create, and proclaimed the ‘The most expensive new work of art ever made’ – Hirst has also always had an eye on the more modest end of the consumer spectrum. Often more a luxury brand than an artist, these new Hirst prints will be in fitting with the ethos of the AAF i.e. ‘Affordable’.

These new works will be brought to the market by Manifold Editions – a rapidly expanding online print multiples gallery founded by London-based art entrepreneur James Booth-Clibborn in 2011. According to their website, it was formed in response to ‘a demand from friends and colleagues for an easy and accessible route to buying art in high-quality limited editions by internationally acclaimed contemporary artists’. Customers worldwide can browse more than 130 works on the website, view details and even see the works to scale in a domestic setting. It some ways its mission parallels that of the AAF. In the words of Wallpaper Magazine: ‘with the new online art gallery Manifold Editions, you won’t need a fortune to hang your walls with a few leading YBAs … the whole process is transparent, accessible and easy. You can buy what you think will look good on your walls, not what you think will treble in price if the artist gets picked for the Biennale …’

Launched in 1999, the AAF has grown to become one of the most popular UK fairs, seeing, over the years, as many as 470,000 British individuals purchasing over £82 million worth of artwork. The fairs are the brainchild of entrepreneur Will Ramsay, a man who works on the principle that ‘buying art can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and inspiration; no one should miss this opportunity.’ This is an ethos to be commended.

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