Ai Weiwei Gangnam Style Protest With Handcuffs Banned In China

No kidding pop-fans here is a video of the Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei doing his own version of rapper Psy’s song Gangnam Style. Mr Ai told the APTN news agency that the video was uploaded on Thursday morning but can no longer be seen on Chinese websites. Psy’s track has become a global phenomenon and the video featuring his famous horse-riding dance has inspired many copycat performances.

Ai, 55, who has been banned from traveling abroad, is seen joining in on the  Gangnam Style flash mob phenomenon. This has been shared on YouTube by  prison convicts, wedding parties and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in replicating the South Korean rapper’s signature dance. Here Mr Ai appears in a shocking pink T-shirt and black jacket from which he pulls out, about a minute into the YouTube clip, a pair of handcuffs an unmistakable symbol of Beijing’s efforts to silence his outspoken views. It is also most likely the reason for the internet ban.

Psy, 34, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, rocketed to international fame when “Gangnam Style”, a techno ode to a stylish Seoul neighborhood went viral in July on YouTube. It has since notched up more than 530 million views.

Mr Ai spent 81 days in detention amid a roundup of Chinese activists last year. He has also currently being prosecuted for tax evasion, a charge he denies, and remains under investigation for posting supposed “pornography” on the Internet. A major exhibition of his photographs, videos, sculptures and installations opened earlier this month at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, but Ai was unable to attend as the Chinese authorities withheld his passport.

The video has been banned on the internet in China by some jobs-worth government official or perhaps just someone from the taste police!!!

Watch Video Here


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