ANTI-FREEZE London 2014, is a riposte to BIG-MONEY ART with its globular galleries, big-name boring artists showing the same old crap, stage-managed by hordes of snooty assistants and self-important curators and bank-rolled by culture-craving bankers.

The artists participating in ANTI-FREEZE London 2014 include Marcel Duchimp with his latest work entitled, A DAWKINSIAN PINPRICK IN THE APOTHEOSIS OF DUCHAMP. The work is based on the original “Fountain”, which, according to Spalding, Gammel and Thompson, was submitted to the Society of Independents exhibition in New York, not by Duchamp (no relation), but by fun-loving, eccentric, Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. WTF?  Is nothing sacred?

With the application of one little pinprick, goodbye: pretentious pricks, Inflated art, inflated egos, inflated prices, inflated reputations, inflated nostrils, inflated profits, inflated wealth, inflated greed…

Marcel would have smiled wryly.

ANTI-FREEZE was to be held in a marquee, or articulated lorry on the Outer Circle of Regent’s Park, but because we’re all real artists with talent and integrity, we’re broke (No, we’re not Stuckists – we don’t just paint. And when we do, we don’t paint ineptly), so no marquee or lorry.

We were approached by a flipper, but told him to Fffflip off. Ah well.

Be seeing you.

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