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And I looked in the mirror, and there saw, ‘myself’

Do these words seem familiar? They are said when a child is initiated into Brownies, from about six upwards, you are asked to close your eyes and are turned around twice and then invited to look downwards, where there should be a mirror on the floor. However I remember my Brown Owl didn’t have a mirror and so I looked in to a cloudy disposable baking tray and drew a blank at what I was meant to be seeing, I therefore failed at my first task and heard a chorus of ‘myself’, by all the girls who seemed to be in on the illusion that of course an old baking tray is really a mirror to the imagination.
The magic circles we share with others in life can sometimes seem threatening as you don’t really know who or what to trust, with in Brownies we only have the promise of a vision of fun, games and the learning a few skills when joining, they don’t really go in to the background of how it came about or that magic was going to be at play. Did our mother’s back then realise how we were being initiated into the world of ‘self’ responsibility through the universal energies of consciousness?
Recently I have discovered these moments that leave us insecure, really ‘dent’ our energy fields and ask us to question ourselves over and over again, failure has an interesting way of leaving an ‘impression’. When anyone is insecure, the process of self questioning and the need to take an inner look at the self can become overwhelming, even to the point of sleepless nights. So when I work, I channel light in to the ‘dent’ to help the person find their value in respect of the insecurity, leading them in to security.

Therefore, I guess this Brownie moment was a ‘meant to be’ moment! Having developed the understanding of my inner self and responsibility on many different levels, I became a professional in the continuing development process. So looking back at the Brownies as a conscious adult is an interesting awakening, as I realise this is a phenomenally spiritual experience in alignment with the magic of the fairy kingdom, totally apt for a child of spiritual nature, with a non religious, inclusive multi faith attitude.

I was thinking about the innocence of this childhood gathering, whilst putting together ‘Sun of Iluna’, a project to unite adults in spiritual play, nature, musical entertainment, art and consciousness. The journey of putting the project together, made me question a few elements of myself, how to unite in peace and deal with a few egoic issues that for some go unnoticed, but when in spiritual union, bringing people together, they can become very important.

Actions can speak louder than words, as we know sometimes the responsibility to the self in this respect can be complex, when we work with transformation, if the ‘word’ is to remain in ‘truth’ we have to pick words carefully and pull back the veils of inner deception to get down to the knitty gritty of what is important.

I have come to realise that the journey of letting go on a head level to embrace spiritual truth, gets us to a place of simple words and simple sounds. The letting go of the ego means letting go of the academic structure to find your truth in connecting to your inner spiritual being and creating dialogue to another through a sound vibration or vision that reaches and connects with another’s soul, so as to lead a person on a journey of self discovery.

Therefore complex sophisticated words and sounds are not always necessary as the journey is for the person to travel within themselves, it is not for another to project a journey, which is normally the nature of entertainment. There can therefore be a cross of interests with high level creatives and artists, as we start to let go of the sophistication of combining sounds, marks and academia to create space to merely catalyse an inner journey, a meditation, not a dictation but an inner space to create a revealing aspect of oneself in which one can find rhythm, inner voice and vision through ones own truth.

So, in acting in to our spiritual nature and in supporting this journey in others, we change the nature of the language of creativity to put a priority on the enabling of self creation, a God consciousness through inner awareness and the promotion of an adventure in Creation and self discovery.

I dont know if any of this is possible to include, but for your information…

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Text & Photo : Amanda McGregor May 2011

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