Art Coma #12

Are you a See-er?

How deeply does your expression of vision take you on the experience of yourself? Does seeing and listening to your internal world have a direct relationship to your creativity and self expression? How clear is your vision and your ability to listen to others, your self and the world around you?

Having ‘vision’ can be likened to a free thinking state of seeing the true nature of circumstance, but how deeply to we have to look to find truth in that which we are seeing. Everyone has a different relationship to truth but is there a way of seeing life in a solid way? If we turn a ‘blind eye’ to a situation or we don’t want to go through an experience what are we shying a way from? Could it be our emotions, our fears, the pain of loss, or the ‘real-ity’ of life?

To confront life from its raw roots, gives us a sense of experiential knowledge helping to equip us in to the future and understand different perspectives on circumstance. Truth is different to judgement, in some ways when you get to the point of seeing the situation from a place of love and light there is an area of solid ness about it. To get to that point means listening to your inner world and confronting the emotions. The energy psychology of the motivating factors of consciousness vibrate at a frequency attuned to an emotional sensitivity, they are layered, the dimensions of the feelings and the different layers of those experiences can be understood the more those layers are connected with and the deeper your relationship is with yourself. Thereby we can all experience the journey in to our emotions, the lynchpin becomes exposed. The lynchpin can be the part that stops us from experiencing life in a non-judgmental way, it traps us in a form of one sided experience, it’s the part that we have a relationship of ‘unresolved issue’ in our life. We therefore re-create the experience again and again until we have finally seen the depth of the perspective, the different sides of the story; we let go, when we have seen the situation from a vision of peace!

Therefore resistance to seeing and hearing creates a resistance to happiness and multi – dimension creative expression, it means that our ability to express vision and to communicate becomes two dimension instead of multi – dimensional. To see clearly, to express clearly, through audio, painting, or any other media we have to confront the depth of experience of life? Are you confronting the true nature of your life?

Are you expressing from a place of non- judgment, giving yourself the freedom to process your relationship to life in any media you choose? Enjoy your freedom of expression as the lighter you are the more the transformational qualities of light and love will guide you into a place of freedom and happiness. – Words/Photo : Amanda McGregor © 2011

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