Art Coma 6 – Awakening

When you perform as an artist from a coma, what are you actually doing? Well if you are lucky, your spirit is free and having its own journey, tuning and communicating with the angels, archangels, ascended guides, a few aliens, a few spirits, maybe the odd Grandmother, maybe God, the Universe, then getting to work on the spiritual job of life in between lives, finding communion and unity. What would it take for you to remember being there? So if you have been in a coma, what happens when you enter rehab and awakening? You have this uncomfortable relationship with your body and the world, as sometimes you kind of remember the life you had, and the life you want to get back into. However, the aspect to think about is what happened when you were in the coma? are you still conscious to your spiritual lifestyle. One becomes questioning of wanting the old life back whilst rebuilding a new life, with a new sense of self.

A person, sets about finding a way of re-integration, with ones memories, ones desires, one’s new improved body and ‘ones’ perception. In that time, the senses may have shifted, without knowing. For instance one may be more sound based than visual, so one may start engaging and connecting more with words, radio, music, scripting than visual art. The interesting aspect is that one does not know until fully coming out.

The process of awakening brings new ways of interaction, perception, lightness and conversation, a new language may in fact be formed around the emergence of a new vibration with a value. Then after trying to fit back in, projecting a self image of the old self, one releases one is like a butterfly just coming out of its cocoon. Thereby one just is and one just does, without logic, the new person emerges without any idea of who they are becoming. This influences creative decisions, desire, expression, relationship, looks and the process to finding inner peace.

So how do we stop limiting ourselves from becoming, trying to prevent ourselves from being limitless infinite and wise. By remaining in the present, by not thinking, by letting go, by looking within for resources, looking at our communication with life to find our way and path in to the new experiences presenting. By evolving ourselves, finding our foothold and allowing ourselves to be ‘true to our nature’, true to the Godhead of the infinite and lightness of beauty that is. The next stage is about finding out with this new identity where home is, what to eat, how to nourish the soul and on  a relationship level who can really connect deeply to the heart.

A depressed heart is like a closet filled with cobwebs and moths, a person that has had experiences that other people cannot reach, as those experiences are unusual. So someone who has had a profound experience has to seek relationships with curators, artists, philosophers, psychologists, musicians and create new relationships with those that are able to integrate life beyond life, and everyday normal life.

The journey becomes a quest of connection, nesting, of settling in to a new environment, in a way that allows freedom of flight as well as deep peace and a sharing of communion with ‘like minded’ souls. Then the creativity begins to unwind, as people of unity come together to spark off each other and catalyse a much bigger event of emergence. A show and performance of integrated and awakened conscious, conducted from a place of holographic truth and universal understanding. Acknowledging the bigger picture that is, we enter the ‘Sun of Iluna’ – image and text copyright 2011 Amanda McGregor

Further reading – ‘The law of emergence’ an ebook by Derek Rydal


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