Art Coma 8 – The Calling

I was having some time to myself, in Thailand on a deserted island, I needed to reconnect with that sense of isolation, of aloneness, confront that fear in the absolute nature of myself. Its in those moments, that aloneness is relised as an illusion, a self sabotaging state of being, more to do wtih the fears of pain, or the insecurities that we hold up as a wall to self isolate ourselves from the world. These emotions can be used to illude, when in fact the Source of love holds us in comfort, happiness and peace if we ‘choose’ to allow it. I choose love and unity because it just ‘is’.

The journal reads – A man lives on the ledge on the bottom of the left hand side of this island. He has looked for isolation and built a home that he felt comfortable and isolated in. However, 100 people snorkel and visit the island a day. When he first arrived he was alone, now he has company all day and everyday. Even if at first your path feels like you are on your own own, others will follow.

It made me question the saying – ‘A man is an island’, is he, or is he just putting walls between himself and the world to avoid ‘communion’? A man to me is naturally not an island, he is deeply connected to love and peace and Source.

If your practice of creativity, means you choose an isolated frequency of being, do not be afraid as when you find inner peace, people will find you, they will connect with you and over time they will find a way to resonate and share your experience of creativity and self expression.

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