Art Coma #9

Statement in respect of the attempted Annihilation of the Ego as a Contemporary Artist

This week I decided to explore, the letting go of the academic, hedonistic, critical artistic ego. It became important for me to do this as an artist as I allowed its government over my artistic expression. This governmental system, was encouraged in my growth through the evolution of art, art criticism, art school academic achievement, I have realised this training has been projected on to me by many leading people in the field of Contemporary Art and Art School practice. I have also realised in ‘truth’ that my past, present and future resides in the present, so there is no ‘contemporary’ in the word ‘contemporary art’

I realise that to reside in a place of infiniteness and non judgement, i also have to remove myself from ‘conceptualism’, as in my philosophical understanding the consciousness of Creation that allows the universe to work through me and manifest creativity in its image of the technology of consciousness, Source and in the that very expression of be-ing, I must create and facilitate a space of ‘communion’ that allows colour and development to be valued through an abstraction and fragmentation of light and the ‘communion’ of my vibration of consciousness, through uploads and downloads of consciousness. However conceptualism limits the pro-active communion of data to evolve as this terminology tends to encourage development with only the consciousness of the mind in place, not so much the consciousness of the higher consciousness, spirit, source, universal body of consciousness, guides, angels, other dimensional beings, heart wisdom, emotional intelligence or inner-self communion.

I therefore resign as a ‘Contemporary Artist’. I have found the painting of flowers to be helpful in my connection and communion with the technology of consciousness of Creation in the realisation of the sheer magnificence of something beyond my own capacity of understanding in creation, I am therefore humbled by my own simpleness and in awe of the technology of creation. I am blessed that I can be a channel something more prolific to be creative through me, I therefore am willing to embrace the next stage of evolution in artistic practise. I remain open to the experience of that which evolves and manifests through me and I will facilitate the creation of many avenues of practice. – Amanda McGregor 31/1/11

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