Art Exhibition Devoted To Twilight Kristen Stewart

Twilight star K.Stew has the dubious honour of an art exhibition in her honour staged by L.A. hipsters

L.A. artist Julia Vickerman has created an exhibition devoted to Twilight’s leading actress Kristen Stewart, entitled ‘Muchos KStew’.

So how did the idea for this exhibition come about? ‘I just couldn’t stop thinking about her face after I saw that movie. It just kind of led to me drawing a bunch of weird fan art, which then took a weird turn to drawing different aspects of persona’: ‘The only thing that I found myself wanting to draw was Kristen Stewart for each group show [that Vickerman participated in].’

One her friends had joked that she stage an entire exhibition devoted to the actor, and ‘Before I knew it, I had 50 artists being involved and wanting to draw Kristen Stewart in a unique way.’

‘My infatuation with her is mainly based on this kind of mysterious persona of her that I’ve created in my own head’; ‘I just think she has a really great face and, in my head, she is an extremely enigmatic figure, and it’s just kind of funny to visually come up with circumstances that Kristen Stewart might find herself in’: ‘I mean, I’ll put Kristen Stewart’s head on any kind of body …, Male or female, animal or human, child or adult, and it all kind of just works in my head for some reason.’

Many Twi-hards have spoken out against Vickerman believing that the show is a form of bullying, too-cool-for-school, ‘misogynistic’. But Vickerman has greater faith in her muse: ‘I have a feeling if Kristen were to see all this artwork, I can’t imagine her being bummed out. If anything, it’s just incredibly strange and flattering.’

The exhibition is currently on at L.A.’s Meltdown Gallery. The opening night featured ‘Kristen-themed cocktails’.

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