Camberwell Degree Shows 2016 Florence Goodhand-Tait Reports From The Inside

After reviewing Camberwell’s final year exhibitions here on Artlyst for the past couple of years, I was very excited to be a part of my year’s degree show. Unlike other years, the show was divided and the design students: BA illustration, BA Graphic Design, FDA Illustration, FDA Graphic Design, BA 3D Design, and MA Conservation exhibited in the Wilson Road building, whilst the other courses; BA Drawing, BA Photography, BA Painting, and BA Sculpture exhibited in the main Peckham Road building. As an Illustration student, I took part in the design show. 

The setting up of the show was extremely independent. The students organised everything themselves. We cleared the studios, we mopped, we filled holes in the walls, we painted the walls, and we made new holes in the walls. A team run by Jackson Mann, illustration student, made all the plinths for the illustration part of the show. Those who needed TVs to show films sourced TVs, those who had to hang things from the ceiling (me) found a way to do so. Some of us moved our pieces again after setting them up once, to make the show as good as it can be. With the positioning of every work, there was an element of collaboration with the other students in the same room; two pieces placed together will always interact with each other in some way.

We also spent time setting up a shop selling work by all the artists involved in the design show. Other years the different courses have had individual shops but this year we grouped together and set up a collaborative one. The shop is selling scarves, prints, postcards, books, ceramics and more. 

I’ve decided for this review that I am not going to name my favourite works as I feel, as a part of this year group, I have biased opinions. But I would like to share some photos of the event and make a couple of observations about it. I want to, as always, celebrate how multi-disciplined and diverse Camberwell students are; how each course is pushed out of their comfort zone. I want to celebrate our technicians and tutors who have taught us a huge range of skills and have helped us all to see our ideas come to life. 

The students of Camberwell show their artwork with care and love. Being an art student is not just about grades; we display our work for the works sake and honestly, whatever happens grade-wise, I’m happy because I believe we put on a great show. 

If you’ve missed the degree show, my class are putting ourselves through the trouble of it all over again, by showing our work at Copeland Park Gallery from 1st to the 3rd July 2016.

Other artists whose work is photographed: 

Venessa Bizzarri, Georgia Sutherland, Poala Pinna, Emma Guareschi, Sarah Davis, Sol Veig, Rebecca Basarab-Kingaling, Ev Laguë, Sebastian Thelander Sjöstrand, Jenny Mure, Rebecca O’Donoghue-Sander, Jessica Louise Knights, Arthur C. Wandeur, Fredrik Sven Knut Andersson, Oliver Chang, Molly Kempner, Caitlin Mccarthy, John Molesworth, Sophie Evans, Clio Ha, Jackson Mann, Marguerite Carnec, Samantha Love

Agata Babinska, Robin Jacobs-Thomson, Mu Ling Tsai, Rosie Popka, Jay Dexter, Nykie Ngan, Charles Dardenne, Ellie Butters, Ruby Barclay, Aysha Tengiz, Renisa Owel Berisha, Tyler Lou Oliver, Billy Neilson, Láura-Paloma Ibáñez, Alice Cocks, Chihiro Yoshiura, Jolyne Lauriault, Mike Roden, Charlotte Emerson, Niccy Helena Murray, Nik Nightingale, Natalija Christina, Adele Lyons, Ruonan Jiao, Torry Li, Hong DU, Auguste Balnyte, Saphire Rose Favell, McKay  Felt, Jack Murphy, Molly Lattin, Dianer Zhao, Melissa Keen, Iris Colomb, Emily Audsley, Tim MacQueen, Ebun A Sodipo, Chiara Bellisai

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