Claiming Global Sovereignty

Amanda McGregor’s follow up to a meeting with MP John Howell – Well, I just wanted to be an artist!

By acknowledging our holographic energy presence and our ‘innate’ being as energy consciousness, we can look at social science from a scientific perspective and begin to look at ‘natural law’ and the law we have created in ‘society’ in respect to being human and creating a society based on global community.

To create a society in peace, people have to have the freedom of will to want to be apart of it. They, in their ‘health’ are phenomenal beings of love, energy and universal consciousness. To be happy, they have to have an environment suited to their ‘nature’, their values and their purposes. If we were to strip down a human being significantly, right down to the grass roots, it is the neurological system and pineal gland that creates the connection to the outside world, our energy psychology and our inner world and Soul. This is because of the neurological pathways and the way the neurons inform us of our reality. Our presence is a massive energy form that is actually like a very large conscious energy rugby ball, however it may be bashed a bit out of shape from not being given a supportive environment to grow in, so most peoples energy presence look like a deflated ball. Our human form made out of matter is merely messaged to be there, if we break ourselves down to the atom, we find matter doesn’t actually exist, we are living a dream which feels very ‘real’ through our senses and neurological pathways, which means the fundamental aspects that make a human, human is actually through the energy conscious system of our presence, which in combination with ‘universal’ consciousness means we are as a globe are one big brain.

However at the moment, we as a planet suffer from ‘separation anxiety’, insecurity and often limit ourselves from acting from a place of divine love, divine integrity and divine purpose. When I talk about divinity I mean a pure, clean living based on ‘nature’ and the ‘truth’ that science and nature embodies through natural and universal law.

I have been looking into infrastructures of humanity, how government and global thinking support our development and restrict our development. I have discovered that many illusive aspects of Society, have left natural law and are causing us to find limits in ourselves, we are experiencing projections of illusion unfounded in natural law and causing harm to our health and the planet. These projections come through the infrastructures of our community, in healthcare, schooling, policing, law and order, lifestyle, spirituality.

Largely, I feel this is due to ‘insecurity’ a need to be buoyant over and above bullying types of dictatorship, people that exploit, take advantage and want to claim control and dominance over all. So, we have developed ‘coping’ strategies by putting a value on financial security, status and hierarchy separate to ‘natural’ power and law. This means we are disempowering ourselves by not ‘believing in ourselves and deeper aspects of ‘truth’ and ‘science’ in being human and an ability to act from a place of ‘security’ based on the nations ‘intelligence’.

In doing this we seem to have given power to financial security over and above everything, hence ‘capitalism’ evolved out of us, creating many ‘conflicting’ avenues of practice around the world. When assessing what value to give power to, we have to assess what is safe to give power away to, as it’s going to dominate us eventually. Here in the UK it seems Goldman Sachs has the ultimate power over government, although it appears the government feels they are in power over them, surely a matter of time before that is reassessed?

From my perspective, to deal with this we have to look at the history of law and economy. We need to look at why the economy was formed and how development caused the economy to leave natural law and a caring economy designed to give people freedom rather than hold people in the matrix (energy consciousness) of survival.

From my understanding ‘law’ was based around ‘universal’ law in its origins with the Magna Carta of 1215, here in the U.K. we developed a law around ‘common’ sense. This move I consider inspiring as I realise that originally the process was in assessing common models of behavior and understanding in assessing what is needed for constructive progress from a place of ‘common’ sense and ‘understanding’. Which really means respect and trust, however if a consciousness is not evolved fully there can be no trust or understanding. So then we put boundaries in, morals, judgment, discipline, exaggerated forms of policing, we have to control, so we impose limits. This works effectively to keep order but not to facilitate a person seeking growth development and purpose.

As we look at the law from 1215 to now, there are two problems I can see in law now and then, not all judges and magistrates have the ‘consciousness’ to understand the case. Not all judges and magistrates work under their ‘oath of office’ which catalyses the next historical part of the equation to be revealed. Commercial/Corporate Law seems to of come out of Maritime Law/Admiral Law, as it was originally designed for import and export and war costs, when a ship ‘berthed’ at harbor, the treasury was said to ‘promise’ / ‘Note of Demand’ to offset payments to enable growth and development of the people by enabling an exchange of international commerce. If we look at today’s society, we find that the aspect of ‘commerce’ has been grossly over developed as we become instruments in the system and we appear to through being used as a part of gross national product as ‘agents of commerce’. So much so that many people I know in the ‘corporate’ world feed this infrastructure of business with ALL their time and energy. As the Government is corporate this also seems to be a dominating fact in giving power to ‘commerce’. So, instead of being able to create a free life based around simple ‘trade’ or ask the treasury for their ‘promise’ of payment /’Demand Note’, we have given our power to ‘commerce’ and becoming enslaved to ‘survival’ matrix which requires us to make as much money as possible to create as much value as possible as a nation. However it seems the infrastructure is already there, in its foundations, there is already a law based on international relations and ‘universal law truths’ and an ability to re-instate sovereignty, the constructive use of consciousness and science in political science and communications, is all that is missing. So a need for Government to ‘hold’ power in its raw route form, can enable progress and new global infrastructure.

As we have gone through a number of wars, our nations have become significantly in debt and we seem to have tipped the scales on this aspect, the most notable time being post 1933, in which countries had to use their gross national product for collateral. There are rumors mainly in the United States, that it’s our birth(berth) certificates that have enabled us to be used in this way, I haven’t come across evidence as yet. We have to remember that we have a history as a nation and we need to work with the development of the infrastructure of that history, we did have issues with abuse of power, slaves, colonial presence, classes, race issues, sexual inequality, limits imposed on ‘natural’ human behavior, like gay rights, psychic rights, cultural rights, abuse of religion etc.

Overall we are doing well at unwinding those issues but we will never be able to escape the process of evolution, becoming aware and educated until all people ‘respect’ each other without wanting to govern or seek dominance. Telling a person what values they should live their life through, how they should behave, judging others, all acts against the flow and means we will still have ‘issues’ to deal with as a nation until evolution over time, has naturally unfolded.

Empowering and facilitating others to find ‘themselves’ to understand their unique talent, to deal with their destructive self sabotaging aspects, gives a person the freedom to make choices, take responsibility for their lives, their health and their relationships.  This gives people the rights to be fully human in their true nature, all helping to facilitate constructive growth and development of people and communities. As we are all conscious energy in our raw form, communications have to come from a positive place, in non violent communication, support and care. So that we can be energized and perform well as human beings at all times.

So how do we facilitate the freedom for growth, care and development, if social science has given ALL its power to ‘commerce’?

Surely by claiming back power from the banking system and law on a ‘government’ level and facilitating space to enable people to claim their sovereignty, their ‘innate being’ their right to be fully human and find those aspects in themselves that deeply enable them to operate from a place of profound energy consciousness and divine right.

By putting value on care growth and development in respect of prosperity and wealth, prosperity is the foundation of growth and development not the dominating factor.

By breathing the soul back in to the planet, by challenging or detaching from the banks that are holding power by constructing a new ‘economy’ based on positive money that builds on freedom and limitless sustainable living an energy resources and is resistant to creating an enslaved nation we can step back in to our power and purpose.

By using scientifically proven energy resources to create more energy, to share energy and to give freedom to lifestyle.

By acknowledging we are 80 % water so need to fully embody water to fully conduct and communicate consciousness we put a value in sharing this aspect as globally as possible, by acknowledging universal consciousness we put a value on global peace.

By creating buildings, community, leadership from a place of positive heart, energising systems, drawing on natural sustainable resources and materials, so as to empower ourselves positively with energy that enables us to be motivated, perform and to develop from a place of natural law of human nature.

The planet will turn in to a beacon of light, finding its inner light switch to be ‘alive’. What would it take to see such beauty?

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