Desperate Attempt to Disguise Coalition’s Inherent Philistinism?

Have we have been grossly deceived? Are the recent and ongoing catastrophic blows to the Arts Sector masking the nature of our wonderful government’s philanthropy?


Obviously we are all focussing far too much on the Coalition’s systematic and pervasive deconstruction of the Arts sector and the benefits it brings, rather than the government’s capacity as patron to the Arts to actively support it. 


Some wonderful insights into the current government’s grasp on the Arts sector are revealed in the recently issued ‘Ask Ed Vaizey’ videos by DCMS. If you haven’t seen them, i would recommend having a watch; if only to get a bearing on the inane and superficial perspective of the Arts, by current Culture minister Ed Vaizey. Personally I found the style and the content terrifyingly ignorant, patronising and perfunctory; an insult to our intelligence and a further prod in the eye to the sector. 


I can’t help but feel that the Exhibition of the Government Art Collection at Whitechapel, and it’s curation, by ‘high profile political figures’, are simply some despicable, grandstanding spin from the Coalition; some desperate attempt to disguise their consistently Philistine policies and the devastating impact these are having on the entire economy, whilst firmly undermining the benefits that Arts, Culture and Heritage bring to society?  


This current epidemic of philistinism, which tangibly manifests itself in policy and procedures and the distribution of support and funding is rife and relentless. Some selective engagement with the Arts, a token gesture like the aforementioned Exhibition, goes no way to break-down the shame of their ongoing actions nor does it dispel our fears for the sustainability of the sector. It seems to mock our concern; taunting us with snippets of contrived and insular incidences of the ‘championing’ of the Arts set to the backdrop of outright sabotage of the sector, diminishing it as it stands and for the future. 


The Coaltion really can’t credit us with much ability to think laterally, our ability to perceive beyond what we are spoon-fed. Of course, cynically speaking, it would make sense that this remains the official line, since there’s a great threat posed by those with the ability to think laterally, something we could never accuse the Coalition of.


This is truly PIG’S EAR POLITICS, propaganda at it’s best. Makes a mockery of any sense of enlightened, civilised society and highlights the complete lack of congruence between what the government would have us believe are core to their beliefs, in relation to the actual and substantially damaging implications of the changes they are making. 


Are the government so far removed into an orifice of their own making, in the interests of serving their positions, that they do not see the potentially irrevocable devastation that is permeating every facet of the Arts, as a direct result of their actions?

Sadly, yes, it would appear so. 

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