Elizabeth Ogilvie Creates An Immersive Installation At Ambika P3

Out of Ice portrays the psychological, physical and poetic dimensions of ice and water in a vast immersive installation in the subterranean spaces of Ambika P3. Fusing art, architecture and science in an experiential artwork comprising ice, water, video projections and film, Out of Ice is a portal to the hidden extremes of our planet. Scottish artist Elizabeth Ogilvie is a dramatic new exhibition comprising environments created with ice and ice melt, constructions, films and projections of ice systems. It is an exploration of the poetics of ice with much of it created through collaborations with Inuit in Northern Greenland, reflecting on their deep and sustaining relationship with ice. It also presents film from the scientific expedition from Antarctica, the Lake Ellsworth Consortium led by Martin Siegert and supported by the British Antarctic Survey.

The use and knowledge of the ice-covered sea remains the pillar of the Inuit’s identity and resilience and their most prized intellectual treasure. Immersive and contemplative, the exhibition seeks to portray the psychological, physical and poetic dimensions of ice and water whilst drawing attention to ice processes. It suggests that absence of ice poses a real danger to our planet. Describing the presence of ice in the world from a human perspective, it reveals the observational traditions of fieldwork, combined with visual splendour.

Elizabeth Ogilvie has a strong track record in realising large scale projects which challenge conventions. Her work is a fusion of art, architecture and science, with water and ice as the main focus for her practice.

Ogilvie works with a fusion of art, architecture and science, using water itself as her main medium and research focus. The work embraces universal and timeless concerns, offering her public a sort of innocent pleasure at the same time as underlining critical philosophical and ecological issues.

Using the language of our times, installation and video, Ogilvie produces vast environments dedicated to water in various states. Ogilvie regards water as having a remarkably collaborative nature.

Her projects are a testament to her love of the natural world and desire to pass on appreciation through her installations. As an artist Ogilvie has a role to play in conveying complex questions which might promote awareness and a greater consideration towards the environment. Art is an excellent communicator of contemporary issues and can address such profound topics.

”Her research involves collaborating with scientists and engineers, giving Ogilvie the possibility to expand and extend her knowledge of how technology can support interaction between artist and audience. Through a series of installations the viewer is offered the opportunity to share in Ogilvie’s experience of sensorial engagement within an environment. The effect of the work is then to affect.’

Out of Ice Ambika P3 17th January – 9th February 2014

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