Cheeky art gallery show offering viewers the chance to view exhibition in the nude proves a big hit. 


The show is called FORBIDDEN so what better way for Shoreditch-based Guerilla Galleries to explore the theme by breaking the taboo of public nudity and inviting people to see the show completely naked.

A gallery spokesperson said: “It’s the obvious thing to do and the first thing that comes to most people’s mind. Say FORBIDDEN people say fruit and think nakedness.
“Tickets sold out in days and now we have a waiting list of people wanting availability.”

The show is designed to explore through art society’s obsession with all aspects of the forbidden, how it interacts and deals with unwritten rules, nuances, barriers and that grey area that teeters between the immoral and illegal.

“Being nude is a natural state, but various unwritten societal edicts and individual inhibitions almost prohibits it, heck you can’t even breast feed in public without people looking at you weirdly.”

But it is more than nudity. FORBIDDEN is an art exhibition that discusses and dissects the seemingly unacceptable. This exploration through art could test how liberal we really are in more than one respect taking its viewers on a journey through conformity, power and morality in 125 thought-provoking artefacts.

London’s 10,000 sq ft Daniel Libeskind Space will host this intriguing exhibition of contemporary art over a three-day period. With art including paintings, sculptures, films, interactive installations, live performances, music and beer sponsored by XT Breweries in Buckinghamshire.

Featured artists include: David Lusky Luscombe, Leanne Broadbent, Piluca, Sharmin Kaniz, Keeley Wynn, Peter White, Natansky, Jean-Luc Almond, Don Julian, Ruth Bircham, nerosunero, Liana Bortolozzo, Alex Becker, Simona Badu, Marc Blackie, Miguel Ivorra, Paul Browne, Finsbury Park Deltics, Elizabeth Nast and Peter Jacobs, with more to be confirmed

Punters wishing to join the clothing ticket waiting list can go to: or call 02077 494846/ 07902 019648

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