Greta Garbo Exhibition In Ireland Moves To Hollywood

This is the last chance to see the Greta Garbo exhibition before it crosses the atlantic to be auctioned at Hollywood’s Julien’s Auctions. The sale will take place on 14 and 15 December at Julien’s Beverly Hills Gallery. Over 800 personally owned items belonging to the great Garbo will be sold as part of this intimate collection.The display offers an opportunity to experience first hand, the personal collection of one of the most important ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’ film stars. The Property is on show at the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons in County Kildare, Ireland until 16 November. Over 100 personal artefacts are being exhibited. As a special guest of Newbridge Silverware, Mr. Derek Reisfield, great nephew of Greta Garbo and producer of an award-winning documentary on Garbo will officially open the exhibition to the public.

Garbo was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1905. It was in 1920 when working at a local department store that she was discovered and starred in two advertising shorts. From there she appeared in several European films. In 1925 she starred in Joseph Pabst’s renowned film Street of Sorrow that solidified her position as one of the premier actresses in Europe. She then moved to California and starred in her first American film, The Torrent which opened in 1926 and made Garbo an international star. She went on to make seven more films for MGM Studios and demonstrated the new potential for women in the modern world. Many of her films were controversial at the time of their release but that did not stop Garbo, who even took on the heads of powerful film studios when it came to negotiating her own contracts. She made 28 movies from 1922-1941 and in 1956 was named “the most beautiful woman that ever lived”. She received four Academy Award nominations for Best Actress and in 1954 received her Academy Award for her unforgettable performances.

The Golden Age of Hollywood actress still fascinates the public’s imagination over twenty years since her death and over seventy years since she starred in her last film. The items assembled here span Garbo’s life in Sweden, her early career as she took on the Hollywood studio system at age 21, through her career as one of the most talented actresses ever to appear on screen and to her decision to retire and live what she hoped would be a life of anonymity in New York City. This very personal collection, featuring Garbo’s personal clothing, accessories, furnishings and private possessions, has never been previously available and rarely seen by others. The auction contains the most clothing items designed by Valentina Schlee, known simply as Valentina, ever to be auctioned at one time. The two women’s complicated relationship became grist for gossip and rumors as Garbo was friend to Valentina and publicly the mistress of Georges Schlee, and neighbor of the couple in the same exclusive New York apartment building. Garbo was also one of the very first women to appear in clothing and accessories from Emilio Pucci, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lilly Dache, Hubert Givenchy, Mr. John, and many pieces from these designers will be part of the extensive wardrobe offering. She had considered projects well into her fifties but after signing a contract in 1947 never made another film. The assertive and feminine woman known to all as Greta Garbo set styles in fashion and beauty for decades. To this day Garbo conjures up instant thoughts of iconic style, wicked ambition, confidence and extraordinary talent.

No other woman had a greater impact on her craft or on style than that of Hollywood icon Greta Garbo. A force within the Hollywood industry and a style setter in both fashion and the role of women, Garbo was always captivating. One of extraordinary beauty, intelligence and confidence, it was Garbo who set many standards for women both in film, fashion and business. Sometimes misunderstood but always intriguing, Garbo was a Swedish beauty with stunning good looks, an impeccable ability to dress in the unexpected and a starlet who transcended off the screen in each and every one of her 28 films.

The collection features the personal clothing, accessories, furnishings and other personal property that has never been available before and rarely seen by others. Even after her death, Garbo continues to fascinate the public. Her impressive impact from silent film to talking pictures and her stylish confidence, to this day, speaks to legions of fans around the world as Garbo is the name most often associated with true beauty, style and method acting.

The very personal collection which will be on exhibit and then offered in the sale includes clothing items designed by Valentina Schlee, then Garbo’s neighbor and friend and later wife of Garbo’s lover, George Schlee. Garbo’s close relationship with Valentina led to much speculation during her lifetime and controversy when it was revealed that Garbo’s affair with Valentina’s husband George had carried on. Garbo was also one of the very first woman to appear in clothing and accessories from Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lilly Dache, Givenchy, Mr. John and others. Many pieces from these designers and personal choices from Garbo herself are included in the sale and tour. In addition to her film history, Garbo sat for a number of portraits from a wide range of well known photographers. Personally owned publicity portraits from Garbo’s films by photographers George Hurrell, Clarence Sinclair Bull, and Ruth Harriet Louise are also part of the exhibit and sale. Other highlights will include vintage designer clothing and accessories; the clothing ensembles consisting of the classic turtlenecks, trousers, trench coats and sunglasses. Garbo became known for this stylish figure seen walking through the streets of New York. Furniture, art and decor from Garbo’s New York apartment are also among the highlights. Items from her home in Sweden and of her Swedish heritage are also part of the unprecedented collection and very interesting personal books, albums, documents and signed and inscribed items.

After World War II Garbo moved to New York where she lived until her death in 1990. The exhinbition and sale will tell the incredible story of Greta Garbo, Film & Style Icon. Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icon’s, County Kildare, Ireland – Dates: Sept 28th – Nov 16th. Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm Sundays 11:00am-6:00pm

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