Is Clayton Pettet’s Art School Stole My Virginity Just A Hype?

The Artist Clayton Pettet is no stranger to controversy, last Autumn he announced his project, ‘Art School Stole My Virginity’, a live performance piece which promises exactly what it says on the label, to take place in front of an audience of 150 ticket holders. The date is now set and the performance piece, which  made international headlines – will take place with The Orange Dot for one day only at:   Public Exhibition – 2nd April 2014  Theatre Delicatessen – 35 Marylebone High Street – London –  W1   Opening Times – 10am-10pm

Pettet has sparked intense debate with this project, which has raised questions globally about the value of male virginity and has been eagerly anticipated by the 150 ticket holders on the1st April.

Pettet has been cryptic about details of Art School Stole My Virginity, given the intimate nature of the performance, yet the audience can expect an exploration of the social stigmas behind virginity interpreted through Pettet’s unique flamboyance.

The theme of youthful sexuality is one that Pettet has examined in previous works, particularly Whoregasm; a photographic study of the female orgasm. Pettet aims to question the value put upon virginity; whether it’s really important and whether indeed it really exists.

This exhibition will be open to the general public and will not be ticketed, THE EXHIBITION WILL BE LIVE FOR 12 HOURS ONLY FROM 10am to 10pm ON THE 2nd APRIL. Is this a hype? Better get down there and find out!

In a statement Clayton has said; “My name is Clayton Pettet, as you all know I came up with an idea Art School Stole My Virginity after months of research into Virginity and sexuality and my own personal emotion with art and society.
Today I found out that a boy has replicated my piece called Art School Stole My Sexuality a complete replication of my idea.

He also says that we met in 2010. I was fifteen in 2010 turning 16 in 2010 and I was doing acting back then, he mentions that we met at Camberwell Exhibition. At 16 I had never heard of Camberwell just the normal bits of London like Oxford Circus etc.
This man is 24 and I am 19, we have never exchanged a word with each other.
These are the type of people who are ruining Art the people who don’t care about the work and the personal aspect of how much this piece means to me. But who care about the celebrity of it all. He wants to take everything from me, this piece is everything to me and all of you know this.

This man also registered for tickets to see the performance in October he also sent me a message today introducing himself and asking to collaborate but told the journalists that we had met in 2010. If this were true and it was his idea why didn’t he mention in it in October why now.
What have I done to you?

As planned Art school will happen on the 1st of April. He does not know the piece and what is happening at all.

Please do not give this boy any of your attention you are all to good for people like him.

Love and good will


ART SCHOOL STOLE MY VIRGINITY  Public Exhibition – 2nd April 2014  Theatre Delicatessen – 35 Marylebone High Street – London –  W1   Opening Times – 10am-10pm

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