Justin Bieber Doppelganger Appears On Girl Scout Record Cover

A vintage 1960’s 33 1/2 rpm album jacket has turned up in a Goodwill store in America with the with an uncanny cover illustrating a doppelganger of the ‘pop superstar’ Justin Bieber.

I researched the album and it is available on ebay described as 12,000 Girl Scouts Sing America’s National Favorites – 33 1/3 RPM with picture cover (1965). Presented for your listening pleasure by ground Maxwell House coffee. United Artists Records # GSEP 2, according to Amazon, the LP was recorded at the Girl Scout Senior Roundup in Farragut, Idaho, in July of 1965. Each side contains four songs, including “God Bless America” and “Kum-bay-ah”.

The cover which was originally an oil on canvas by a long forgotten American commercial artist, depicts a preteen girl in full Girl Scout uniform. This is the type of imagery that was used to sell boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies during the post war years. It is a completely wholesome rendering of an American idyllic life, that no longer exists.

If a picture is worth 100 words than this album jacket explains why so many Justin Bieber websites and fan pages from ‘tumblr’ to ‘Lesbians Who Look like Justin Bieber‘ exist. Maybe he just has one of those faces. In any event this photo is scary to both Justin and to the ArtLyst staff and we hope you enjoy it! By the way this is real and has not been photoshopped.

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