Kate Middleton Baby Artist Renditions Reveal Images Of Heir

It didn’t take long for the international press to latch on to the speculation bandwagon and attempt to show what the Royal heir to the throne will look like. Artists of the type that produce police suspect imaging have been busy at work depicting the Royal infant in both genders.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had a difficult week, first with the hospitalisation of the Duchess for chronic morning sickness and than by the press exposing that the future Queen was expecting her first child.

Identikits are usually a set of transparencies of various typical facial characteristics that can be superimposed on one another to build up, on the basis of a description, a picture of a person sought by the police. This rendition of the baby is a computer generated profile taking characteristics from both of the parents and blending the outstanding features into a profile of the baby. It is used quite often to age an actor by Hollywood makeup artists, the best example being ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, starring Brad Pitt.

Now new images have come from places as diverse as a popular website ‘Morph Thing’ where creato,r Charanjeet Kondal has taken the Duke and Duchess’ unique features and morphed them to form images of what the royal couple’s child and heir could look like after its birth in about six months’ time. The other photo imaging shows the child as a toddler.

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