Kate Middleton Nude Immortalised On Halloween Pumpkin

An American Urban-Conceptual artist has emblasoned a pumpkin with a nude painting of the Duchess of Cambridge. The Pumpkin art is based on a photograph taken last summer while the Royal couple were on holiday in the South of France.

The image which captures the essence of the photo, without being graphic, follows in the tradition of the New York artist  Richard Prince, who created controversy in the UK during the ‘Pop Life’ exhibition, at Tate Modern. His image of  the actress Brooke Shields was banned and thousands of copies of the catalogue scrapped for its inclusion. Prince was recently honoured with a retrospective exhibition, adopting the same title as the controversial photograph “Spiritual America”, held at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, in 2007. The New York Times wrote, “Richard Prince has heard America singing, and it is not in tune. The paradoxically beautiful, seamless 30-year survey of his work at the Guggenheim Museum catches many of our inharmonious country’s discontents and refracts them back to us.

The creator of the Kate Middleton pumpkin is a New York Urban artist who goes by the name of Triscuit 1. This is the first we have heard of him/her and think the work could actually be here the UK, as the photo was posted to us from a UK email address. We will keep our ear to the ground on this one and update the article if more news emerges.

Richard Prince is a maker of photographs, drawings, paintings and sculptures, as well as a writer, Richard Prince’s habit of re-photographing existing photographs (initiated in the late 1970’s) helped spawn the appropriation craze of the 80’s. The artist himself is best known for his deadpan recycling of magazine and newspaper images that range through the highs and lows of popular culture. References to sex, drugs, rock-and- roll, alcoholism and the movies frequently give his efforts a dark and familiar undercurrent. But his relentless replication of found images also has its esoteric side and continually questions definitions of art, originality and artistic technique.

Urban Art means art “from the city” which is derived from the Latin word urbanus. It is associated with art that is created by artist living, depicting, or experiencing city life. The subject is often people living city life and also city buildings and transportation. Urban Art in its rawest form is graffiti. The term graffiti comes from the Italian word graffio which means “to scratch”. Graffiti is associated with gang related tagging of territory and a means of gaining attention but it is also associated with humans need to express themselves. Some of the earliest forms of graffiti are the tribal inscriptions of early man on stone hence, the definition “to scratch”.

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