Kinetica Museum To Present New Exhibition At London’s Hospital Club

The Kinetica Museum has announced a new exhibition at the Hospital Club in London. The museum will take up residency this Autumn at Dave Stewart’s Hospital Club with a curated exhibition and a 3 day festival entitled ‘Gravity’. Over 50 works will be showcased throughout the building, making up an extraordinary ‘out of this world’ collection of universal and cosmic art. “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” Albert Einstein.

The show focuses on metaphysical concepts, forces in nature, the indivisible and an insight into the cosmic realms, highlighting radical new thinking within the fields of art, science and imagination with no bounds. It celebrates 100 years of Einstein’s discovery of the Theory of Relativity, the theory that explains the Origins of the Universe.

This Event, in partnership with The Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics, will include artists presentations and a panel discussion on the future of art, with eminent artists and thinkers including Professor George Smoot, nobel prizewinner of physics, Richard Bright founder of Interalia Magazine and artists; Liliane Lijn & Paul Friedlander amongst others.

ARTISTS Include:

Analema Group Ivan Black, Balint Bolygo Mike Booth, Daniel Chadwick Attila Csorgo, Paul Friedlander Dianne Harris Dijon Hierlehy Interactive Agents Chris Levine Liliane Lijn, Lorna McNeill Jasmine Pradisotto Aphra Shemza UBIKteatro


Richard Bright, John Martineau, Liliane Lijn, Professor George Smoot Paul Friedlander Professor Pierre Binetruy Interactive Agents, Balint Bolygo, Tom Wilkinson, Daniel Gábana /S. Astrid Bin / Liam Donovan – Collaboration 

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