London Bus Stops Turned Art Galleries For Olympic Games

Bus-Tops is a collaborative public art installation across 20 London boroughs. There are 30 red and black LED screens dotted around London, on the roofs of bus shelters. Absolutely anyone in the world can create artwork for them, creating a new exhibition space for the public, and Public Art. A group of Middlesex University students will see their artwork displayed across the top of London’s bus stops from 15 August as part of the cultural Olympic celebrations.

The students have designed 10 second animations that will be shown on black and red LED screens on the top of bus shelters, which can be viewed on the top deck of London’s buses.
All the pieces of digital artwork have been designed around the theme of the Olympic truce, a core part of the original Olympics  in ancient times which saw all competing countries laying down their arms and signing up to the truce to allow competitors to travel to Athens in peace.
The ‘Bus-Tops’ project forms part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, the largest cultural celebration in the history of the modern Olympic and Paralympic Movement.  The students got involved in the project through the University’s partnership with Soda, a creative agency directed and founded by former Middlesex student Fiddian Warman.    
Middlesex first year animation student Pamelyn Chew (23)  from Colindale said: “Artists have a role in making the public think about important issues, so I hope our work will inspire unity in loving one another and promote peace in society.  I’m really excited about seeing my work on display, especially with the added exposure of tourists in the capital for the games, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity I couldn’t miss!”    
As part of Fiddian’s ongoing relationship with Middlesex, he ran a workshop for the students looking at the theme of truce and how it has previously had been represented by artists.  He said: “I’ve been impressed with the innovative work and range of approaches used by the students.  The project has effectively opened up new exhibition spaces which the students are making the most of to get their work in the public domain, while demonstrating the UK’s creativity and innovation when all eyes will be on Britain. ”       
The Bus-Tops installations will features across 20 London boroughs and will remain there until after the Paralympics in September 2012.  
Film and Media exchange student Nadissa Haynes (31) from Trinidad & Tobago who completed her final year at Middlesex University said: “It’s amazing to be part of a global competition as significant as the Olympics, as well as an associated committee focused on peace.  I’m honoured to have taken part in it and can use the skills I’ve learnt in my career.”

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