Lynx Chaos Island Competition Attracts Likeminded Adventure Seekers – Sponsored Video

Sponsored Video  –  Picture this, a white sandy beach lapped by continuous waves. Palm trees swaying in the breeze at sunset. The taste of salt in your lungs from a busy day of wind surfing. A shower and a squirt of Lynx. This could all be yours, but first lets play a little game. From 14th August Lynx is sponsoring a give away to a Caribbean Island holiday of a lifetime as part of the Lynx Attract campaign .

It isn’t anything like the kind of holiday you buy off the rack, from a travel agent, but a tailor made luxury adventure, the likes you’ve never experienced before. This hideaway in the sun drenched Caribbean is called Chaos Island. Like its name, it is not for the fainthearted or seeker of an average package deal. Show what you’re made of, absorb the Lynx effect. Entrants will have to Tweet #chasethechaos and check the Lynx effect facebook page for clues ( ). This is a real time, real life treasure hunt. Solve the mystery and win the unexpected, a pair of tickets to a unique lifestyle that money can’t buy.

If you feel you’ve got what it takes to win with Lynx and make a trip to this awesome paradise Island in the Caribbean, for the party of your life, with all expenses paid, here’s what you have to do.

14th August is the launch date of the competition. Check out the Lynx Effect Facebook page ( ) for details.

The competition begins with a video of the British surfer babe Sophie Hellyer, asking people to tweet #chasethechaos.  A clue is revealed and the competition now gets going. Look on the web to solve the mystery treasure hunts.

The first  person to complete the treasure hunt will win a unique pair of tickets to Chaos Island, where they will start the party of a lifetime in true Lynx fashion.  Those who miss out on the first prize, but complete the treasure hunt, will be entered into a prize draw to win a second pair of tickets.

Lynx is creating five other treasure hunts across the web to win more tickets, so keep checking back on the Lynx Effect Facebook page every Tuesday at 4pm and Saturday at 10am to have another go.

Only a few trips to Chaos Island are being offered as part of the Lynx Attract campaign. Earlier this year the brand launched a female fragrance alongside the successful male after shave. This is another first for Lynx.   

The island is populated with everything that you need, free bars,restaurants, boats, surfboards and likeminded adventure seekers. Get set and don’t forget to pack your Lynx. “Sponsored post”

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