Masterpiece – London Gets its Own Maastricht Quality Fair

London now has its own equivalent to the Maastricht fine art and antiques fair. Launched last year, Masterpiece covers all periods of art and objects. The quality of this fair is superb and unprecedented. Taking a stroll through the fair reminds one of the experience of walking through a 19th century shopping arcade. Masterpiece immediately makes you forget that you are inside of a marquee as the interior is designed with architectural detailing of a benchmark never achieved at other fairs.
Building on its inaugural success last year, Masterpiece London brings together an even wider range of top exhibitors from far and wide. At the peak of the capital’s summer season, Masterpiece London presents art and design of the highest order, enlivened with its own special twist. Its mission is to entice collectors and wow all comers to this extravagant outing of quality art and antiques.

This year the fair is being held in a new setting in the South Grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, Masterpiece London reloads its winning formula.  This is no ordinary antiques fair, but a forum for distinctive design and aesthetic excellence where every exhibit is of superb quality.  From Bugatti to bronzes, Cartier to Cognac, Picasso to pink diamonds, the choice is yours all at a price.

Whether you are looking for that single, sensational piece for your penthouse, or just enjoying temptation on a grand scale, there is nowhere like Masterpiece London in my experience.  Each item on show is vetted by experts, allowing the buyer every confidence in selecting for authenticity and accuracy in the description of what you are purchasing.

Contemporary and Modern galleries include, Alan Cristea, Didier Ltd. Michael Goedhuis Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert, Paisnel Gallery, Sims Reed, William Weston, Ben Brown,and Austin Desmond. Highlights of work include: A large Francis Bacon painting, “Still Life – Broken Statue and Shadow,” available for 9.5 million pounds,Galerie Boulakia, Impressionist oil paintings by Camille Pissarro were on sale, including a country view, “Pommiers en fleurs, Eragny,” dated 1888, for 1.7 million pounds, and an English scene, “Place d’Eau a Kew,” for 1.3 million pounds and MacConnal-Mason Gallery in London, which displayed works by L.S. Lowry, celebrated for his scenes of working class England in the mid-20th Century price on application. Another highlight is the superb ‘sculpture to wear’ at Didier Ltd. an array of  modern and contemporary jewelry by artists such as, Calder, Fontana, Joe Tilson, Picasso and Braque.
If your interest is kindled by what you see, Masterpiece London offers you the chance to extend your knowledge and enhance your appreciation.  Each day, curators from the Wallace Collections will reveal the mastery of collecting in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Lifestyle partners will offer an insight into the world of luxury, including a tasting from Ruinart Champagne. Masterpiece London has a reputation to live up to on all fronts.  The dining options at the fair are both diverse and sophisticated, courtesy of Urban Caprice.  Classic Members’ Club, Harry’s Bar, offers its celebrated Bellini; The Mount Street Deli boasts an array of sandwiches, pastries and salads; and for the full A La Carte Lunch or dinner, enjoy the iconic restaurant, Le Caprice, custom-built within the fair.  The discerning visitor will be spoiled for choice. A highlight of London’s summer, Masterpiece London 2011 promises you art and design from cutting edge contemporary to resplendent antique, displayed in an airy, modern atmosphere.  Whether you are a seasoned collector, a new collector or just an admirer of beauty and originality, it offers you countless opportunities to buy, to learn and to enjoy.  Photo: Didier Ltd. stand B24 at Masterpiece London © ArtLyst 2011.

The fair is truly an experience like no other. Don’t miss it!!! Masterpiece runs until the 5 July 2011

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