New Keith Haring App Will Transform The User Back To The 1980s

When it comes to bringing people together, few artists can compare to Keith Haring. One of the major pop figures of the go-go Eighties, Haring drew inspiration from the music of the streets, the spirit of the club scene, and the signs of the times, creating a playful, celebratory  vision that continues to inspire to this day.  Designed for the serious student and armchair art fan alike, Art Intelligence also gives you bonus features including: a biography of the artist, a curated selection of books, films, music, and a hyperlinked syllabus to help you continue your journey into the world of Keith Haring.

His art was for everyone. Whether on subway walls or public buildings, t-shirts or watches, major galleries or museums, Haring’s life work is a glorious reminder that, together, we are the world. Get into the groove of the Eighties. Go behind the headlines that rocked the world: The shooting of Harvey Milk. The election of President Reagan. The rise of AIDS and the reaction of the pope. The protests against Apartheid and nukes. The fall of the Berlin Wall. The end of an era.

Dance to the beat of Haring’s world. Experience New York’s downtown club scene: The music of Madonna and Grace Jones. The art of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The hottest parties, the coolest clubs, the finest hotels. The lifestyle of the decade’s biggest artist and activist. Celebrate the artist who celebrates life. See Haring’s art in a whole new way: The subway drawings that captivated New York. The major works that made him an international star. The public murals he painted to give back to the community. The charities and causes that became his greatest passion.

A radically new way to connect Haring’s world and the art world—to your world* Scrawling graffiti in the subways. Dancing with Madonna till dawn. Touring like a rock star, painting for the public, and raising awareness about AIDS, apartheid, and nuclear threats. Artist-activist Keith Haring made his mark in the “We Are the World” Eighties, and now—with Art Intelligence: Keith Haring—you can relive the era and revel in Haring’s hands-in-the-air approach to life, art, politics, and dancing.

Art Intelligence’s groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind navigation system lets you immerse yourself in Haring’s world. Think visual wikipedia on  steroids. The app not only brings you Haring’s art—in stunning high resolution—it also puts it into the context of Haring’s life and times: Three Mile Island, MTV, the Reagan years, fall of the Berlin Wall, New York’s club scene, and, finally, the tragic toll of AIDS that claimed one of the most beloved talents of his generation.

Keith Haring App

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