Parasol Unit Awards Exposure Prize To Nicole Buning, Scarlett Lingwood and Luana Duvoisin Zanchi

The annual EXPOSURE Award has gone this year to Nicole Buning, Scarlett Lingwood and Luana Duvoisin Zanchi. The prize celebrates the work of art school graduates and gives them an opportunity to exhibit their work to an international audience. Each year Parasol unit works with a UK art school, from which a judging panel selects three graduates who will be invited to present a month-long exhibition at Parasol unit. This year Parasol unit collaborated with Goldsmiths, University of London.

Parasol Unit Awards Exposure Prize To Nicole Buning, Scarlett Lingwood and Luana Duvoisin Zanchi

Nicole Buning

This animated film Meanwhile, elsewhere explores the way we pass through and move around space. Our man-build world has been translated into delicate miniature paper forms that make up various alienating settings, that are asking how we perceive our surrounding from the confinements of our own body. Our body remains the centre of our awareness and frames our perception yet the necessity to experience the wider picture prevails. The tension between our own limitation and this curiosity is investigated through the travels from urban cityscapes to pasture landscapes.

Scarlett Lingwood  (top photo)

The installation I am creating for Exposure became an idea for a piece of work when I had an encounter on the street with someone I didn’t know. He remarked to me “Hello, you look lost.” These words made me feel on diversion, despite the fact I knew exactly where I was coming from and where I was going. Something I have been exploring recently in my practice is how these unexpected encounters can affect the way I work.
The large scale drawing is a found image of a brain. How the drawings are interlinked and connected makes me think of mapping. This idea led me on start thinking about how our brain and feet are connected. From here in a more abstract way I started to think about how North London and South London are also connected. Untitled is a walk from NW8 to SE8. I am curious to know how the viewer will respond to hearing the sound of my footsteps and being unable to pin point my exact location. What I am interested in about the photograph is the ambiguity of the object and whether it is immediately clear to the viewer what the object is when looking at the photograph.

Parasol Unit Awards Exposure Prize To Nicole Buning, Scarlett Lingwood and Luana Duvoisin Zanchi

Luana Duvoisin Zanchi

The making of the work gives a quietly obsessive attention to materials. We are dealing with the grasping of things in and through the body: a visual tremor that unfolds into a sense of touch, the qualities of surfaces, the temperature of things. It is a persistent effort to make approaches to a moment that is both gone and that remains as a conviction of experience; it is not that it means something, simply that it means.

Past EXPOSURE Awards

Winners of EXPOSURE 09 were Sonny Sanjay Vadgama, Mark Dennis and Chris Gomersall of Central St Martins. Winners of EXPOSURE 10 were Leah Capaldi, Kate Liston and Lea Provenzano, of the Royal College of Art. Winners of EXPOSURE 11 were Jack Friswell, Kate Shepherd and Rebecca Turner, all graduates of Wimbledon College of Art. Winners of EXPOSURE 12 Award were Lulu MacDonald, Sean Steadman and Dante Rendle Traynor, graduates of The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London.

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