Pattern Recognition from Blue New Exhibition Lubomirov and Easton

Pattern Recognition (from Blue) is the first in a new annual series of works by the artist-curators Iavor Lubomirov and Bella Easton, directors of ALISN and LUBOMIROV-EASTON. Once a year the artist duo will represent themselves at their artist-run project space in a series entitled The Directors’ Cut.

Lubomirov and Easton have been collaborating as art professionals since 2011 and lately this collaboration has extended into their practice. While continuing to produce their own very different work, emerging synergies have suggested natural ways to complement each others’ competencies and in January 2013 the pair co-produced the first of a series of collaborative artworks – A Romance of Many Dimensions – for London Art Fair.

Lubomirov and Easton have brought together an unusual combination of talents to their collaborations. An Oxford Mathematician and a Royal Academy Painter, Lubomirov creates uncompromising geometric objects, clothed in Easton’s luxuriant patterns and colours. Their literal melding of practices is soft yet substantial, blending seduction with seriousness in surprising and unlikely objects, which fall within multiple remits and disciplines, straddling sculpture, printmaking, animation, drawing, painting and architecture.

They share a common obsession with hand-made multiples and a belief in creating valid possibilities for craft to exist in contemporary art. Their work is radically different in conception, execution and material, but achieves a harmony through a common use of the grid to explore the role of the hand of the artist in the production of multiples. For both the need for a precise structure is not an end in itself, but a way of containing and inviting chance, just beyond the edge of human ability. They are thus able to ask relevant questions about making that are not couched in nostalgia, but are part of a larger resurgent discussion about craftsmanship and the role of the artist in the production of work.

In Easton’s looming wall panels, a system of geometry orders the repetition of hundreds of hand-painted or printed patterns in a way that establishes a connection between images of architectural spaces and the pattern of the work itself. Lubomirov grows sculptural pieces through a slow and laborious process of layering of grids drawn on thin materials, creating a spatial distortion of flat geometry.

For Pattern Recogniton (from Blue), Lubomirov and Easton are showing a collaborative piece framed within the context of independent artworks by each artist. The total coming together of a-tonal sculptures and colour-rich wall works into a single central piece can thus also be seen in reverse as a litmus-like separation of the two artists’ individual practices.

Photo: Pattern Recognition (from Blue) Iavor Lubomirov and Bella Easton

Iavor Lubomirov and Bella Easton – The Directors’ Cut – work by the artist-curators of the gallery

Address:  Enclave 8, 50 Resolution Way, SE8 4AL

Exhibition Dates: 29 March – 20 April 2013

Open: Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

Visit Exhibition Here

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