Polish Art Hoard Discovered In Garden Shed

A hoard of 14th – 20th century paintings, drawings, etchings and antiques valued at over 1 million euros has been discovered in a garden shed in Poland. The owner a 92 year old bricklayer is unable to give the police further information as he has been suffering from a severe stroke. One of the works of art is on the art loss register and was reported as stolen from a Polish museum in Katowice during World War II .
A video clearly shows the premises in which the works were found as being dark,damp and dusty. This is an extremely dangerous environment to store fragile works of art, many are on unstretched canvas and wood panels. The paintings cover a scope of landscapes,portraiture and still-life. They all appear to be in a poor condition with excessive flaking and tears to the canvas. The police have not released whether any charges will be made to the owner of the house. The works of art have been confiscated and are being looked after by a local museum.

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