Postcards From An Alchemist

Amanda MacGregor explores a Universal Body Of Consciousness

When trying to assess the fundamental needs of humanity, one has to find an agreeable position to begin with as to the components of humanity, that which makes a human being human. Is it ‘matter’, ‘consciousness’ or our ‘senses’? I would imagine men and women lean in different directions in trying to assess the priorities of that which is, however recently I have been playing with the idea that if (‘universe’- al) consciousness existed before the big bang and became apart of the big bang then perhaps matter exists as apart of consciousness, rather than the other way round. It is not a new theory but it is one that has been limited by the concepts or infrastructure of science being framed to evidence related theories and developments. So, the big question is where are we going with evolution, who are we designed to be, as human beings? If ‘we’ as a body of consciousness have always fed the creation and expansion of the universe, where do we want to take the story of the universe, the planets and the journey of ‘life’?

If planet Earth consists of the elements of wood, metal, water and air, these are the alchemical ingredients needed in respect and in combination with the ‘periodic table’, referred to in science, to make up all ‘Matter’. However the other scientific component we don’t assess in combination is the vibration of energy consciousness, psychology, global communications, other dimensions, time frames and how those elements relate in respect to Matter. Lucky for us I am an Alchemist so we can look at all these elements together to see the possibilities of how change, evolution and creation can develop.

So how do we shift our perception by looking at these components in combination? Well we have to realise we are ‘perceiving’ matter through conscious energy, we are ‘messaged’ in our experience of reality, to realise reality is solid, is purely a ‘message’, from a physiology level we ‘communicate’ internally with ourselves and to the outside world with our brain power and through the senses. By giving ourselves to the power of energy consciousness, our understanding of the perception of matter to be real, we are in fact buying in to an illusion, we are just ‘messaged’ to experience reality as solid and real, the feeling of solidness is merely a message to inform our brain of how solid we are. It seems we are ‘Governed’ by a far bigger conscious system, the ‘universal body of consciousness’ which feeds in to our ‘higher consciousness’ and informs us of our decision making and ability to experience life in ‘knowing’. We all have access to knowing ‘all’ but many humans enjoy living in a state of ‘amnesia’ with only one active area of consciousness empowering them, the brain. So if we ‘all’, as a body of people to step in to the live activation of consciousness, I believe we would be living technology communicating through energy psychology with our make up of 80% water, conducting energy psychology and acting as ‘live radios’ with no sense of separation, we would become one in our consciousness, thereby ‘we’ as a planet, represent a global brain, vibrate, pulsate, raise the vibration of the energy field. ‘We’ could become a ‘universal’ brain, if we could stop giving so much energy in to the separation of ourselves to each other and the universe. If we could find unity and peace with each other, we would enable conduit paths of communication and the planet to also became ‘live’. Through the activation of looking after the energy resources, as ‘matter’, we could then become a vibrating ball of information capable of ‘communications’ and ‘development’ with other life forms with in our galaxy. We are by nature, one big conscious system of ‘data’ or ‘information technology’ system.

To understand the energy psychology of separation we have to understand how psychology exists when in motion, as conscious energy psychology or brain waves, energy conscious has different levels of vibration, frequencies and abilities to communicate and inform, develop or transform environments, the vibrational frequency is normally determined through an ’emotive’ perception or action, the most healthy vibration being love and care. As energy can move through many natural forms of matter, from water, air, metal, granite, crystal, quartz, we have the ability to go in to ‘communion’ with each other, without needing physical conversation. This is generally called ‘remote viewing’. We can also change the energy vibration of another, when used in the positive this is called ‘remote healing’ and we can create energy concepts that allow new aspects of evolution to develop by giving intentions to environments and by enabling nature to grow and develop in a healthy way, we therefore need to make it our intention to facilitate activities in work, relationship and lifestyle to enable life to conduct through our actions and activities from a place of care.

We can be destructive in the enabling of nature’s ‘Conduits’ by destroying energy resources for our individual or countries needs, feeling the insecurity of ‘poverty’ or separation, acting from a place of anger, insecurity and resentment and by being misinformed as to the purpose or evolution of ‘Creation’. The ‘ball’ of evolution continues to turn, the state of matter with the ‘elements’ remains the palette of creation, however, could it be the integration of our consciousness in to the environment and the universe that can bring transformation and creation in to alignment with becoming a sophisticated technological global life form? To vibrate as a consciousness suited to our evolution we have to bring the highest good, development, nurture and care to ‘all’. For this to be enabled, those that act mainly from a place of power, ego or insecurity will find their ‘systems’ may ‘crash’, for the new vibrational frequencies to come through, there has to be less ‘conscious govenment’ of power. This is the only way unity can be bought through to allow us to ‘become’, the crystal grids within the planet, are activating, our DNA is activating to enable our ‘technology’ of human life form to reach its potential, so that we may become a conduit for consciousness to become super intelligent, connecting to the universe and becoming an energy system capable of achieving ‘processing’ beyond any known concept of possibility. The globe would then become, healthy and super wise in its life form. This is why the prophecy of the 5th dimension, of heaven or Nirvana combining with earth is a definite possibility of evolution, as the long term result would create an open, loving, deeply peaceful, organic, homeostatic environment. What would it take? –  AMANDA MCGREGOR © 2011

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