Pure “Coincidences”? – A Look at Ai Weiwei’s Works

The decision whether these are pure “coincidences” is left to the readers. It is just worth noting that even if they were pure coincidences, they would still demonstrate 1. the artist’s lack of knowledge of the history of art 2. the lack of originality of his artistic concepts.

Left: Ai Weiwei’s “Fountain of Light”, 2007. Right: Vladmir Tatlin’s “Tribute to the Third International”, 1920.

Left: Ai Weiwei’s “Template”, 2007. Right: Michelangelo Pistoletto’s “Division and Multiplication of the Mirror”, 1978.


Left: Ai Weiwei’s “Ton of Tea”, 2006. Right: Richard Serras “Ton of Prop”, 1968/69.

Left: Ai Weiwei’s “Table with three legs”, 2006. Right: Robert Therriens “No Title”, 1993.

Left: Ai Weiwei’s “Divine Proportions”. Right: it’s not an artwork, but the model of a football, which equally consists of both pentagons and hexagons.

Left: Ai Weiwei’s “Tea House”, 2009 which is now on display in Berlin. Right: Wolfgang Laib’s “Rice House”, 2002. Note that just as rice is spread around Laib’s house, tea is spread around Ai’s house.

Left: Ai Weiwei’s “Cubic Meter Tables”, 2009. Right: Sol LeWitt, 1991.


Left: Ai Weiwei’s “Forever”, 2003. Right: Robert Rauschenberg’s “Riding Bikes”, 1998.

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