For one week, the ever changing gallery space that is CULTIVATE VYNER STREET, will become an ART DEPOSITORY for your unresolved or unwanted work – as well as an exhibition space, and a chance for collaboration with in-house Cultivate artist Sean Worrall.

On the evening of Thursday June 28th at 6pm, until 9pm, CULTIVATE shall open for an evening start to the week-long event. Part of CULTIVATE will become a substantial ART DEPOSITORY. Artists will be invited to bring in their unresolved, abandoned, unfinished or unwanted work, to place it in the big ‘ART DEPOSITORY’ in the corner of Cultivate Gallery. This auto-evolving Depository will of course be considered a piece of art itself and the evolution will be documented for a second event later in the year. The Depository will be seeded with art already found in the skip outside the Nettie Horn gallery, left as they closed, and by a number of artists who have already been invited to leave pieces in advance of the event.

During the week-long show/event/interaction Sean Worrall with be painting new layers on selected pieces of work from the Depository, and as the pieces of art evolve they will be added to an ever changing gallery wall. Once a piece is hung on the gallery wall it will be considered ‘finished’, in as much as it exists on the gallery wall as a finished piece for that time it is on the wall.

Once a finished piece is placed on the gallery wall it will be also be considered as ready for sale; viewers will then be able to buy said pieces. Buyers will be invited to set the price they want to pay for the piece: there will be no debate from the artist or gallery, the price you offer will be the price accepted and the art will be yours to collect at the end of the event (or in some cases to take away on the spot). Once a piece is sold it will not be touched again.

Guest artists will be invited to come in and take part in the event throughout the week, to add their own layers to Sean Worrall’s work, to the work Sean has taken from the Depository and worked on, or indeed to pieces they select themselves from the Depository. The event will open with number of collaborations that already exist up on the gallery walls.

Any art left untouched in the Art Depository at the end of the week
will be either given away for other artists to work on, or, if no one wants them, destroyed. Nothing will be left at the end of the week-long show.

The event will end with a second late night opening where people will be able to take away their pieces, or artists will be able to take away pieces left in the depository with a view to working on them in time for them to be shown later in the year when the second part of the event will occur.

Opening night – 6pm until 9pm Thursday June 28th and then 11.30am to 6pm (or later if the flow takes us) until Tuesday 3rd July and a second late evening opening until 9pm


Sean Worrall’s current body of work explores the notion of new layers, the reclaiming of those things that are left to decay, the idea that our cities will eventually be covered and lost in new layer
s. Lost in the short term as we use the city walls as a street art canvas, then as nature paints her own leaf shaped beauty over the top of it all and takes everything back Trillion Green, the Captain’s Table…

Sean’s paintings explore the taking back of old walls, the growing over, the freshness of new leaves, new marks, old surfaces, always growing. Newly weathered marks over old faded shapes, new layers, fresh leaves, sprayed paint, crumbling old stonework. New growth over old, new shoots, new paint over decayed colour, the marks of evolving street art on tired city walls, new paint over old canvas. Layer over layer, the covering up, the taking back of unloved surfaces, refreshing. Spaces reclaimed both by human hand and nature’s growth.

New graffiti, leaf graffiti, growing on walls, painted on walls, over old concrete, new marks on old marks, rain marks, rain drops, paint drops, paint drips, paint runs. New leaves over old leaves, fresh paint marks obscuring old man-made marks. Fresh shoots, red shoes, green rain, recycled marks, Montana Gold.

New leaves, revealing the old, evolving, regenerating, the taking back, plant life, street art, plants as street art, plant shape as pop art, organic graffiti, found things painted on, grown on, green shoots, taking back…

Sean is currently running the very busy East London gallery space called Cultivate Vyner Street, Sean also presents a regular alternative art/music/underculture show on respected London arts radio station Resonance FM.

COME MAKE A DEPOSIT Thursday June 28th until Tuesday 3rd July

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