Sir Eduardo Paolozzi Mosaics In Tottenham Court Road Restored And Unveiled

Mosaics by the British Pop Artist Sir Eduardo Paolozzi in Tottenham Court Road underground station have been re-enstated after a public outcry and petition, signed by over 50,000 members of the public. The works of art have now been restored and are viewable. On the 10 February 2011 we reported a story about the fate of the iconic murals designed by Paolozzi located in London’s West End. We were given assurances by TFL that they were being responsibly looked after during the construction of the Cross Rail link. Paolozzi’s design covered 950 square metres of space in the station.

“The restoration process has been a painstaking one, but today we can see the expansive beauty of the work once again” – Eleanor Pinfield, Art On The Underground

“The rotunda has been enhanced with new lighting, and throughout the station, the repair and cleaning of the mosaics allow the full breadth, scale, and ambition of the work to be enjoyed by a new generation of Underground customers. “The former Oxford Street panel is a key part of Paolozzi’s vision for the station, drawing together many of the themes seen in the wider station murals, and I am delighted to see it back on public view;” Ms. Penfield stated.

Eduardo Paolozzi Tube Murals

Eduardo Paolozzi Tottenham Crt. Rd Tube Murals

Although some of the works of art including the famous arches were dismantled and sent to Scotland, most of the 1986 mosaics have now been restored during the recent extension and renovation by Transport for London. This month art experts at the University of Edinburgh are to decide what to do with the remnants of the archway segments of the mosaics which are not going to be put back, as it conflicts with the design of the new station.

The university of Edinburgh owns more than 600 pieces of what is left of two mosaics over the archways in the Underground station’s main entrance hall.

 Sir Eduardo Paolozzi Mosaic

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi Mosaic Detail

It has been the plan from the time the University stepped in receive the archway murals that they go on public display, but with less than half of the archway work still existing, it is now openly musing on how to arrange their future display. A meeting at the Edinburgh College of Art on February 23 will bring together a series of art historical, curatorial and conservation experts to discuss what to do with the archway mosaics.

TFL says 95 percent of the artist’s original design is now back on public view. Original tiles have now been cleaned or replaced.There will be a major survey exhibition of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi at the Whitechapel later this month. 250 works in this show, from sculptures to textiles. Eduardo Paolozzi at The Whitechapel Gallery London 16 February – 14 May

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