Sponsored Video What Will You Create With Your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Today?

Great creations in history began with a pen, now the new Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 places the power to create great works of art into your hands. This new tablet is head and shoulders above other tablets when using it for graphic design and fine art. It  allows you to write, paint, design, explore and discover a world of inspiration. When using the generous 10.1-inch display and advanced S Pen you are free to create all manners and styles of art,  replicating mediums once only possible using paper, ink or paint.

Whether you are the next Picasso working in a loose free style or a Leonardo de Vinci, renaissance draftsperson, creating intimate pen and ink style drawings, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a great option. The easy navigability makes this tablet a no- brainer to use. I especially like the sleek design and comfortable weight when discovering the fluid control of the tablet and the fantastic software options.

Think blank canvas!!!  What will I need to fill this white void? Let your mind go, your body relax. Now Create. This digital sketch pad opens up a whole new world of artistic possibilities. It changes the way in which we perceive pen and paper.  There’ll only be one thing left to find out,  What is in there ready to escape? Start with a simple geometric design and move on to the more complicated shading. Copy paste photos and create a collage or montage of multiple imagery. Yes all of this is possible with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 at your retailers now.  What will you create? 

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