‘Steal A Banksy’ Hotel Proposes Warhol Forgery Challenge

Art Series Hotels have launched another modern art-themed publicity stunt, following up on its Steal Banksy challenge.

Last summer the Hotel group made headlines with their Steal Banksy Challenge. Guests at the Melbourne Art Series Hotels were invited to try and steal a number of Banksy artworks from off the wall: if they succeeded, it was theirs to keep; but, if they got caught on CCTV or in person, the artwork has to be returned. 

Now the Hotel group is at it again with a second competition entitled Which Warhol is Warhol’s, which sees nine forged Warhols put on display with one original artwork. Guests staying at the Melbourne hotels will be asked to pick the real artwork. Those who get the right answer will then be up for the chance of receiving the original artwork in a random draw.

The steal Banksy challenge excited much attention. The first artwork quite literally up for grabs – ‘No Ball Games’ – was cleverly stolen, with hotel staff even left unsure as to how it disappeared. But the second work on offer – ‘Pulp Fiction’, valued at over $4,000 – remained proudly on the hotel wall, with hotel guests failing to pull off the heist.

And this is not through lack of trying, with even tennis super star Serena Williams recently giving it a go! Attempts, beside the odd hit-and-run efforts, include:

a) Re-wiring the internal security cameras so that the would-be thieves would not be spotted
b) Distracting security with tall-tales of broken room furniture and fittings
c) Scantily clad women distracting staff 
d) A man with a tall broom attempted to unhinge the painting and run away
e) Some imposters pretending they were hotel staff 
f) Another Imposter pretending he was a tradesman (complete with a ladder)
g) two people who Twittered their every move

But all to no avail, with the GPS device attached to the art demonstrating that it never left the three hotels except when securely transported by staff.

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