Sultana Raza’s ‘Understanding the Universe’ at Art Monaco

Sultana Raza’s is excited to present her art-works at Art Monaco 2014, taking place from 24 to 27 April. Gallerists and artists from around the world are presenting works in all conceivable media.

‘It’s inspiring to interact with artists and people from all over the world,’ said Sultana.

One of her art-works on view is Understanding the Universe. The art-work poses many questions:What are the building blocks of the universe? Can a human being, a microscopic entity in the vastness that is the universe even try to understand it ? Yet, the microcosm contains the microcosm within itself, so it might be possible for human beings to understand the universe they inhabit. However, if someone really ends up understanding the universe, they risk achieving nirvana, like the Buddha. He ascended to another plane of existence altogether. But it’s highly unlikely that anybody else would reach those heights so quickly.

Scientists choose to quantify matter in order to prove the existence of different forms of matter. So far even quantifying the existence of all the building blocks of our universe has proved to be elusive. That hasn’t stopped scientists from researching the components or the qualities of the Higgs Boson particle in the Hadron Collider at CERN. While their efforts are laudable, perhaps it should be kept in mind that any human efforts will be limited to the frequencies that the human brain is capable of perceiving. Plato’s theory of the Cave comes to mind.

Sultana Raza’s art-work illustrates this concept to a certain extent, conceptualizing a network of universes and galaxies, connected via invisible streams of matter. A figure tries to discern the art-work or the concepts presented in the art-work. The face is in the centre of the art-work, and one is forced to think about the left- brain / right brain approach that human beings have towards perceiving their universe. Therefore, to what extent can a binary approach to perceiving all the components of the universe be successful in terms of understanding it?

Other elements of the art-work include the portals that our universe might have towards other universes, as explained in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Do these portals exist, and if so to where may they lead? Perhaps we are light years away from discovering that. Yet, if manage to change our perception, everything may change in a flash!

About Sultana Raza

Of Indian origin, Sultana Raza has been living in Europe for many years. While she has an MA in English Literature, she is mainly a self-taught artist. Having received many awards, has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Europe and the USA. 

About Art Monaco

Taking place once again from April 24th to April 27th ,2014, Art Monaco ‘14 will present recognized and established galleries as well as emerging ones from all regions around the globe and will be able to expose and sell their art in a sumptuous setting. The occasion will allow the forthcoming of all individuals to gather around in a social hub with some of the most influential and renowned individuals of our time.

With over 4000 art pieces being exposed for exhibition and sale, it’s an opportunity not to miss for those eager to purchase or sale some of the most remarkable art collections around the world or simply to allow yourself to get taken aback by one of a kind inspirational creations.

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