Super Rich Clive Palmer Tempts Fate With Titanic Take Two

In 1997 the world fell in love with Jack and Rose on their whirlwind romance aboard the magnificent Titanic and marveled at their inability to share the floating piece of wood. 

Now in 2012 Titanic frenzy has hit once again in the centenary of the first and ultimately last voyage of the great ship.  The voyage has been immortalized in Belfast’s Titanic Museum that recently opened to honour the ship and the many who lost their lives on the fateful journey.  Mr. Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes, created a mini-series on ITV earlier this spring to further the romance connected to the tragic events.

But what currently has the world’s attention is the announcement this morning that Clive Palmer, a very wealthy Australian, has commissioned a Chinese company to recreate the Titanic as faithfully as possible.  In perhaps an ingenious publicity stunt to garner support for his decision to run in the next federal election in Queensland, this news has taken the Twitter world by storm.

The Titanic II, as it is being called, will sail in 2016 from London to New York in a recreation of the first journey, though hopefully without the iceberg mishap.  Mr. Palmer has been questioned regarding the safety of the ship to which he responded, “Of course it will sink if you put a hole in it.”

The luxurious interiors of the liner’s first-class accommodations will be a unique glimpse into the design world of 1912 with elegant art nouveau embellishments.  This replica of the Titanic could become a tourist holiday, fulfilling many dreams of living a costume drama.  Using modern technology for construction and safety, 2016 could see the birth of yet another Titanic frenzy.  Let’s hope this time there are enough lifeboats.

Words: Emily Sack © 2012 ArtLyst

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