Terry Ryu Kim Wins 2013 Catlin Art Prize

The 2013 winner of the Catlin Art Prize is installation artist Terry Ryu Kim. Terry has been awarded the £5,000 prize for her work titled, Screening Solution I, II & III. The panel of judges which included the Turner Prize nominated painter Dexter Dalwood, gallerist and curator Ceri Hand, and collector Valeria Napoleone congratulated the other artists for, “producing a strong and committed selection of new works”.

Screening Solution I, II and III explores how the body is manipulated by architecture and technology. Presented as a series of screens, projections and cameras dictate a path through the exhibition and convert the installation into a stage-like zone, forcing the visitor to perform. By intensifying everyday surveillance and filtering systems encountered in public spaces (such as hospitals,  airports and other transport networks), this work explores the way in which physical and technological structures exert power.

Judge Ceri Hand commented: ‘We selected Terry Ryu Kim because the work – ideas, materials, execution and installation – felt mature, concise, pertinent and unique. It draws on public spaces and speaks of intimacy, control, collective identity and the fragmentation of the self. It is a haunting, beautiful work.’

Visitors to the Catlin Art Prize exhibition selected their favourite artist as part of the Visitor Vote. Votes were cast via the Art Catlin website and a ballot box at the venue. The winner of the Visitor Vote, Juno Calypso, was awarded £2,000.

Calypso creates photographs of staged scenes in which she performs under the guise of a character called Joyce. In this recent series the subject’s face is obscured introducing an unsettling narrative. Joyce remains entangled in rituals of seduction: objects once perceived as radical, innovative, fun and nutritious – an electronic anti-wrinkle mask, computer equipment from the 1980s, baby oil, a tin of cold meat – have become joyless and oppressive.

The Catlin Art Prize, curated by Justin Hammond, provides a platform for the most promising art graduates in the UK. This year’s exhibition runs until 26th May 2012 at the Londonewcastle Project Space, London. Participating artists are selected from The Catlin Guide 2013, a nationwide survey of recent art school graduates, now widely recognised as the essential reference for collectors of emerging artists. The Catlin Art Prize 2013 finalists are: Steven Allan (Royal College of Art), Fatma Bucak (Royal College of Art), Juno Calypso (London College of Communication), Robert Crosse (Slade School of Fine Art), Nicky Deeley (Royal College of Art), Bee Griffith (Goldsmiths), Terry Ryu Kim (Slade School of Fine Art), Conall McAteer (Central St Martins) and David Ogle (Lancaster University).

Photo: © PC Robinson Artlyst 2013

The Catlin Art Prize In Six Seconds ( See Below)



Terry Ryu Kim Screening Solution I, II & III Photo (Below): © Peter Hope

Terry Ryu Kim Wins 2013 Catlin Art Prize


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