The Strawman Illusion Stumbling Into A Free World

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Gaining perspective on global transition when in transition sometimes requires a sense of localisation in the product. So I invited Elizabeth Anne Hill to stay, she is a creative writer who four years ago let go of her life following the death of her twin sister, she took a backpack on wheels (so much more pleasant) and used her instinct and intuition to guide herself on a journey around the world whilst in dialogue with the Universe, thereby she is writing a book ‘Interview with the Universe’. She has very little money in her bank account and relies on people connecting with her that are also in a state of transition to unconditionally ‘gift’ her with food, money, a home, travel and love.

I guess, for me as an artist I didn’t know how I would relate to her story or what would come up in the week long process of getting to know her, the learning was a surprise and supportive to my realisation of my relationship to the world. However rather than concentrate wholly on me I would like to transfer this learning to a bigger aspiration, in the changes the world is going through, so we can analyse both Elizabeth and my experiences and understand the nature of change and transition from a shift in consciousness in relating to the world from a brain level, caught up in the system of the matrix of survival, to finding a deeper way of connecting to the experience of life, through soul, consciousness, joy, love, and freedom.

We are all born with the rights of freedom of passage (to travel), of property to live in, yet, as we go through the experience of being born, signing up to the birth certificate and passport, finding our national security number, we become subject to the system, to the corporation, of being stuck in survival to pay bills, mortgages, debts and they can become vast unless you ‘capitalise’ in on everything you do by earning as much money as possible to find freedom, this can be done at the expense of morals, of love, of care and at the expense of the goodness of the planet and others.

So what choices do we have if we want to hold value with love, of joy, of freedom, of growth, nourishment and of soul? Well, as an artist and light worker I am someone that has to live through my truth, which meant that after twenty years of feeling let down by the system I decided to let it go. I even let go of the art system, its seemed too corporate, too institutionalised, I let go of everything about 8 years ago after doing reasonably well on paper (on my C.V.), including an M.A. from Goldsmiths but I was getting sick of constantly being limited by the system, the institutions, the medical profession, the legal system and from my perspective the ‘art world’. I really was ‘sick’, the projections of the system telling me how I should live my life and limiting my health, well being, right to speak out, to be wholly myself, to be conscious and free were driving me crazy and making me ill. I have realized that I could probably blame nearly every major illness I have had on the system not supporting my true nature and my empowerment, thereby my ‘well’ being.

Eight years ago I left London, to go back to my home town area, I found somewhere to live and took a simple job as a carer, looking after old people that were dying. I found a sense of peace, having the right to work through my heart. Here began a journey back in to myself based on my values. On Sundays I used to do tarot reading at craft fairs and psychic fairs just to get a bit of extra cash, I was a trained therapist and psychic but found I didn’t really fit in to the ‘system’ again so I would work on Sundays charging £10 a reading, for a way of making that bit extra on the low wage of the carer. Over time I built up a reputation and found I was fully booked and people really respected my readings, four years ago, I got a job in central London at Mysteries as a ‘psychic healer’ reader, in Covent Garden and I left the care work and focused on three days there, seeing 30-40 people a week whilst doing my writing and art work the rest of the time. I saw 1500 people a year, and found I was developing on a phenomenal level. I have now seen well over 4,000 people.  However, I began to burn out and question why my promoters were taking 60% of my income and why I was, after paying tax on still a very low income. It got so bad I had to have an operation in March 2011 to have my tonsils out. The week before the operation a man came to my consultancy and filled me in on the Strawman Illusion, Thomas Anderson, the truth behind the economy, the government and he suggested I read up on Mary Croft. I awoke into the shocking truth of life. I saw the whole picture and realised I could no longer be a pawn in the system, serving the banks.

The transition I went through was actually a transition in allowing myself and helping others to be fully human. So as to be treated as individuals so they could be valued in their honest state of experience. Also it was a move to acknowledge the power of instinct, intuition, spirit and universal consciousness as a key component of life. A factor that capitalism has in the past repressed, even though every human as it as a part of their make up, working as a psychic was illegal until 1950’s in Britain. We see movements forward of embracing intuition through capitalism, through ‘Apple’s’ technological devices however when will human beings see their value as sophisticated technology in their more expansive natural, God given abilities.

On a worldly level, with the break down of the economy and revised understanding of how the government is at the power of the banks, the transitions I and Elizabeth went through are very similar transition to the global levels of transition, I feel the world is going through. I feel we have had enough of relating through the survival matrix, I feel we are at a point of needing to find an economic system separate to the banks, the banks are holding all of us in a state of survival, they are even holding the government in to a capitalised approach to social science, as a body of people we have to find our independence to be able to grow, develop, feel we are living, loving and experiencing life in a natural way, instead of as machines.

So, looking at the true nature of transition, we have to confront what is likely to happen, if we were to embrace the collapse of the banking systems, to say, ‘you know what, enough is enough, we are stronger and bigger than this, we can build a better system on a global level that can set us all free’. Transferring away from the banks and digital monies that cause us so much heart ache, ruin, death through war, the abuse of our planet so that we may become a fully independent economy with sustainable, limitless energy systems. Could this be done simply by putting new names on the digital monetry system?

Well, there are a number of ways in to new economic infrastructure, living without much money is possible, we as people can live through gifting, exchange, time banks, tallies, we can choose a new economy, we can grow our own food, we could turn all our plastic bags in to coinage(since it cant biodegrade) we can choose to put a different name on the digital banking systems, only 3% of money in the United Kingdom is real, so we can create money by simply printing it out from any system we like, we don’t have to be apart of the banks tight grip on us. However we have to know what we want as a globe. So, the question is, what do we want?

As with mine and Elizabeth’s transition the beginning is hard, there aren’t so many processes around to support this new way of life, which means learning to keep open to new ways of being, of listening to intuition, of valuing each other of valuing life has to be the intention. There is value on what you choose to value, so if you value the economy as it is, you can support it. I find it hard to value so I am choosing to challenge it and to bring awareness to the unnecessary limits it is causing us.

You have a right to travel globally and you have a right to live in physical property, you can choose to stand by those rights, separate to the banks. I feel we shouldn’t have to give our lives to pay back a system that is using and abusing us as servants to the private worlds of the people that own the banks, this is not why I am here on earth, my purpose is much more expansive. You are incredible, beautiful, live organic beings that are capable of bringing love and happiness to all, you will find deep and beautiful depths to yourself if you allow yourself to journey through the experience.

The people in power in the banking systems know they have created the ruin of the planet, how do we approach finding our freedom?  Words /Painting ‘Seeding the Matrix’ By Amanda McGregor

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