There’s No Such Thing As Sculpture: True Or False – A Curated Conversation

London: UK Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre has announced its second ambitious event. This consists of a salon, hosted in a Shoreditch loft, which will feature a roundtable discussion amongst some of the sharpest, shrewdest and most insightful people working in the London art world(s). Responding to the provocation, ‘True or False: There’s no such thing as sculpture,’ the panelists Liliane Lijn, Elizabeth Neilson, Ossian Ward and Toby Ziegler will elaborate their specific and situated positions in an exchange that aims to encourage no­‐holds‐barred discussion amongst all those in attendance. With Sacha Craddock as Chair.

Together, it probes questions such as: What is the value of sculpture in contemporary art practice? Is it a specialisation, a sensibility or both? Is there mileage in holding onto sculpture as an art form under post‐conceptualism? What coalitions and compromises are reached across sculptors, critics, curators and other sculpture enthusiasts? Where is the friction between how sculptors perceive what they do and the views of critics, curators and collectors? What is the relationship between sculpture created in art schools and that trending at art fairs?

What is sculpture’s dirty little secret? What is the elephant in the room? What are the politics and practicalities of sculpture as an approach to cultural production? This salon will be a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with sculpture today—to drill down into our shared understanding, to fracture outdated assumptions and forge new knowledge about this field as it reconfigures itself within the broader context of global change.

Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre (PSC) is a new, London‐based resource to support artists and others in their practice of sculpture and three‐dimensional art. At present, there is nowhere in London that offers custom facilities to realise ambitious sculptural projects without outsourcing. PSC aspires to fill this gap. They are currently securing a permanent base that will feature workshops that are high spec, industrial standard and fully equipped. PSC will also host exhibitions and critical programming in the form of talks, debates and discussion.

To generate awareness of PSC, the Centre is facilitating a nomadic season of events, ON YOUR MARKS. Through tours and discussions, workshops and field trips, PSC aims to engage the practice of sculpture from diverse and even contradictory perspectives. Through generating awareness about PSC, they aim to grow this emerging community into a thriving hub of critical and creative practice. Visit for more programme information.

About the panelists:

Liliane Lijn has long been recognised as an artist who innovates through unusual materials, including light and mica. American-­‐born but London-­‐based, Lijn’s wide-­‐ranging practice is no stranger to controversy in its explorations of feminist mythology, energy flows and other highly charged themes.

Elizabeth Neilson is the director of the London arm of the Zabludowicz Collection, a growing private preserve of contemporary art. As Head of exhibition programming and the Collection’s international residency program, Neilson has special access to diverse sculptors and their work. This makes her uniquely placed to discuss developments in this art form within the broader context of contemporary culture.

Ossian Ward is currently Head of Content at the Lisson Gallery and was until recently the Visual Arts Editor of Time Out London. Writing across contexts (public institutions, private galleries, the popular press), Ward is widely published. This commentary has established him as a pundit of the UK’s art world(s).

Toby Ziegler blurs the boundary between painting and sculpture. He carefully investigates human perception through a combination of digital technology and painstaking manual production. Internationally collected and exhibited, Ziegler is also an important influence on emerging artists in London and beyond.

Sacha Craddock (Chair) is a London-­‐based critic, writer, curator, teacher and television presence. Craddock has a reputation for being an incisive interlocutor committed to engaging artists and other cultural producers in reflective and relevant discussion. But she is perhaps best known for chairing ‘New Contemporaries’ (an annual selection-­‐based exhibition that gives young artists the chance to show in a major gallery) and for co founding the Bloomberg Space and acting as curator between 2002‐ 2011.

‘True or False’ doubles up as a wine and cheese fundraiser for PSC. All proceeds go to the research and development of this new sculpture-­‐focused cultural hub. Cash-­‐only bar. £20.00 -­‐ visit  for tickets.

‘True or False: There’s no such thing as sculpture’: a curated conversation with London’s movers and makers

Part of ON YOUR MARKS -­‐ Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre’s nomadic season of events

When: 26st July, 2013: 7:00-­‐11:00 Where: 8 Nile St. HOXTON, N1 7RF

Liliane Lijn, Elizabeth Neilson, Ossian Ward, Toby Ziegler and Sacha Craddock as Chair

Visit Event Here

Photos: Event 1 of the ON YOUR MARKS season ‘Tea and A Slice of Reality with Richard Wilson’

There’s No Such Thing As Sculpture: True Or False - A Curated Conversation

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