Tongues Are Wagging, As Miley Cyrus Unveils Her First Sculpture Exhibition

In some respects it was always inevitable; Miley Cyrus, is poised, tongue wagging, to attempt to ‘break in’ – to the art world with “Dirty Hippie,” an exhibition of collaged sculptures crafted from some rather ‘unconventional materials’ such as a sex toy, a suspicious looking cigarette, some party hats – and, of course – a pineapple – which will hopefully not be inside Tracey Emin’s tent.

Taking up the mantle of sculptor has become a psychological release for Cyrus; “I hated 2014 because everything that could go wrong kept going wrong. Being in the hospital, my dog dying…” The singer explained to V Magazine. “So then I started taking all of those sh*t things and making them good, and being like, ‘I’m using it.’”

The performer continued “They say money can’t buy happiness and it’s totally true,” she added. “Money can buy you a bunch of sh*t to glue to a bunch of other sh*t that will make you happy, but…obviously the sh*t you buy doesn’t make you happier because I’m sitting here gluing a bunch of junk to stuff.”

But the artist promises great depth – and not the ultimate assemblage of random detritus – so the viewer must brace themselves for a head made up of tiny teddy bears, dime bags, various drug paraphernalia, all set alongside USB drives full of the singer’s photos, and a strange hamster toy.

The former child star is ready for her public debut, which will take place during designer Jeremy Scott’s New York Fashion Week show and the next day, the artist’s work will go on display at the gallery in V‘s Soho offices at 11 Mercer Street.

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