Top Six Art Apps Revealed And Reviewed

Here is a selection of six of the best reviewed By ArtLyst

Artfinder: FREE, 3 Stars

Ever found yourself looking at a piece of art, and wishing you knew who it was by and what it was called? Well the Artfinder can help you out with its flaky but fun ‘snap art’ function. Simply take a photo of a painting and Artfinder will use its image recognition technology to match it to an image on its database, to tell you more about the artist or art work. If they don’t have the artwork in the database, you can manually programme in the name of the artist and artwork to help other users in the future looking at the same work. Currently too mainstream, the app will improve over time – and hey! Its free.

Brushes: £5.49, 3 ½ Starts

Winner of the 2010 Apple Design Award, and championed by David Hockney, Brushes is the Ultimate drawing/painting app. It’s magic lies in the fact that it’s simple enough to learn everyone to learn quickly, but its also powerful enough for pros – it has, for example, been used to create 4 different New Yorker covers! Its a steep price, yes, but think of this of Photoshop on your phone, and that should soften the blow.

Banksy-Locations £.69 2 1/2 stars
  (photo: Banksy 2010)

Fans of Banksy can always search for his work online, but a much more gratifying way of viewing his work is to view it as as it was intended: on the streets. Banksy-Locations, a new iPhone app aims to do just that, by offering a personal tour of all his street art. The app takes your current location and finds Banksy pieces nearest you via dropping a pin on a map, then gives directions for a first-hand visual encounter. For at home viewing, The Banksy-Locations app also features videos by and about Banksy along with a gallery of all the his street art and installations along with information about each. Banksy news is regularly updated with new artwork tracked once it appears. This pretty comprehensive app for the Banksy fan is another great way of finding his art.

Street Art London: £2.99, 3 Stars

Using the in-built GPS functionality of the iPhone and a locations map, the Street Art London iPhone App is your guide to all of the best street art in London, including works by Banksy, ROA, Stik, Invader, C215, and Phlegm. In addition, it boasts a comprehensive point of reference to London’s street art with hundreds of images, info on street artists, all updated live together with breaking street art news.

Art: £0.69, 3 ½ Stars

A database of 204 artists including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Mark Rothko, Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol, this pocket art gallery contains full artist biographies, and features the ability to download reproductions of their artworks onto your smart phone like an iTunes for Art. For the connoisseur, there is even a quiz, and a network to share your scores, chart your progress, and chat with other art lovers online.

ArtLyst: FREE, 3 Stars

The ArtLyst app brings the highlights of our site to the palm of your hand. Users can navigate easily around a comprehensive and live exhibition listings database, searching by artist, title or date; or simply pick a show from the carefully selected top ten! Plus, stay up to date with the latest art news with our Top Story feature – instantly updated whenever we publish a must-read article.

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