Totem Shaman And The Artistic Process

Last weekend, I went on a quest for a vision to work out how I related to the illusive aspects of society, such as the economy, in-authenticity and how these areas related to my creativity. I worked with Shaman, Leo Rotherford and was honored to take central position in a Star Maiden Circle which allowed me to look at my dreams, blame, authority, my creativity and my spirit from a place of inner child (an inner child needs to blame) to the present day reality, working out a position to take me out of the cycle of survival and in to my true purpose as a creative and conscious person.

 The aspect of being fully conscious, gives an extreme state of perception, gives you full vision, however, this perception is just perception, until you develop it into a state of understanding or use it for purpose and find a way of creativity, so it can be transforming and encourage alchemy. As with everything we create we can come from a place aligned to our true nature and authenticity or we can be a trickster, playing with illusion and the magic of mystery. However with truth, there is no mystery or illusion, just complexity. This complexity can be unwound in to simple processes of thought and understanding, giving space to relationship, objectivity and purpose.

 However, when there is illusion there is also a hook of entrapment to wards the person in power, the authority or governing body, as the person is blind to the true nature of their position through the mystery, they are therby under the power of them, they are led in to disempowerment, illusion, deception and loose rights of choice. There is then an unconscious need to constant feed the trickery, to earn respect, to be treated as an equal, in this task of endeavor there is entrapment and a cycle of a survival pattern.

 Now, having had a vast amount of experience understanding disempowerment, ego, purpose, bullying, under-minding, insecurity, boundaries, blame, equality and expression. Having understood the process in to peace and knowing that to claim back power there has to be gentle movements of awareness to win back a position of equality we find ourselves in need of looking at how to express the inappropriateness of our positions. From dealing with it from a position as if being bullied, we would draw on non violent communication and navigate from a place of feeling; I feel I cant be myself, I feel I am working for an economy that is enslaving me, I feel my power to be fully human is being under-mind, I feel I am being limited to grow, express myself, live wholesomely, have freedom, be in a society in which we are outwardly abundant in our movements around the world and living through our hearts in love.

 We then have the opportunity to make statements artistically. So in the realization of the compromise I was suffering of feeling free I acknowledged a while back that with my hands on physical skills, I could built a ‘cob’ house on land from scratch, it may take me only three years to finish the job. Working on one meter a day. I would do this using the land under my feet and some straw bails, which would give me the facility to have an art studio, healing studio, study and a few bedrooms and living space. I would be able to use soft organic forms and be able to ‘creatively’ express myself in a living space that suits my needs. I would therefore be able to bring wood, colour and light in to the project. I would create something beautiful as that is my nature.

 However, in this economy, with the system and the impossible planning permissions, the need to slave away at work with high rates and ‘competition’ of a corporate nature, that has come out of debt from a government and history that didn’t understand its economics, I maybe asked in this lifetime to instead find £40,000 deposit for a pokey two bedroom council house in a land area that is near my work but would put me out of alignment with a community I could relate to. The house then may take me 40 years to pay off.

At the conservative conference they said they want to open up the red tape to allow growth for housing and business, but is this for commerce, to make more money or is it to set creative’s and people like myself, who have skills with their hands, is it to set us free?

I went around the circle of the Star Maiden and after ‘dreams’ found many people to blame, many people that had projected on to me, many who had limited my divine right to live with God and the earth in my sovereignty and I began to process the fire dragon like energy that was trapped through my adult head. My adult brain was telling me NOT to blame not to judge, just to accept. However, my dreams and my creativity were not being enabled, my soul was not free, I had a vision; Mother earth came and sat with me, her body plump, her hair long, she stroked my brow and gave me the care I needed to find the strength to defend my light. She took me to an area of green land and sat me down next to a totem pole and told me to defend my rights to be me and live with the land that I had inherited through God, she stayed with me and stayed loyal to me, knowing I needed the security to help the Earth find its health, its fertile soil and its longevity in energy resources. She said I will help to set you free and help you to find your sovereignty, you are a gatekeeper for people.

 A few days after the vision, I thought about the totem pole, there was a lot of publicity about people attempting to occupy the London Stock exchange and then ended up at St Pauls, a cathedral that it had closed its doors due to a sense of threat by the protesters, even though they were defending their right to be Gods children and to break away from the slavery of the economic system.

 I thought creatively I would create a totem pole, a project for the people at St Pauls and for myself, a way of gently using a symbolic language about natural living, multi faith culture, and the right through healing for the people to claim their sovereignty. As the week progressed I was sitting at dinner with a friend who looks after trees and runs a company in their care, he said he had a twenty meter cedar tree.

 I sat down to start drawing the totems, referencing money, symbolism, the third eye, Thoth, snakes of awakening, health, organic growth, freedom through birds. Then found myself drawing the trunk of a live tree, with branches turning in to snakes transforming in to gold with white doves nesting in the branches. I thought what good was this totem pole in the centre of London, unless it can be alive, unless it can sing in praise, of love, Creation and life. Live art that breathes and is about the soul of life. The cedar tree my friend offered me, is ready to transform in to a symbolic message of peace, taking a stand to give back bone to the people. However there is a live sacred tree at St Katherines Parmoor, that can give messages to people, this tree has the ability to whisper, and if you give it a hug, it will send love and protection to you, how can this be experienced and understood in the Corporation of London?

Two weeks ago I went to Burnham Beeches, owned by the Corporation of London to discover a lot of the lime trees had a disease, they were dying and the disease was way out of hand. I was unfairly given a car parking fine and when I appealed I contested the trees as not being looked after by the rangers, the district enforcement was kind enough to write to me and say that they have contacted the rangers and with the notes about the trees, the letter arrived yesterday. The enforcement of the natural law of nature seems to be heard. For trees to be ‘live’ and ‘conscious’, they need care and attention, they need looking after. We as human beings are the same, without nourishment on a soul level, through an environment that suits our growth, care, a free sense of purpose, we wither and die. What would it take for the corporation of London to unlock the doors of our souls so we can follow our dreams, our hearts, without needing to blame, by just simple being heard, through a gentle whisper exchanged in love?

Words/Photo Amanda McGregor © 2011

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