Venice Biennale 2015 Announce List of Artists For Core Exhibition

The official list of artists for the core exhibition of the 56th Venice Biennale has been released to the public. The exhibition titled,“All the World’s Futures,” has been curated by Okwui Enwezor and looks to be politically charged and socially aware. For over a century, the Venice Biennale has been one of the most prestigious cultural events in the world. Founded in 1895, it has promoted the avant-garde, spotting new artistic trends and organising international events in the contemporary arts in accordance with a multi-disciplinary model, which characterises its unique nature. This year big name artists such as Hans Haacke, Bruce Nauman, Georg Baselitz, Andreas Gursky, Steve McQueen, Jeremy Deller and Chris Ofili will be exhibiting alongside emerging artists such as Mika Rottenberg, Marlene Dumas, Adel Abdessemed and the RAQS MEDIA COLLECTIVE.

Okwui Enwezor explains his project as the ruptures that surround and abound around every corner of the global landscape today and recall the evanescent debris of previous catastrophes piled at the feet of the angel of history in Angelus Novus. How can the current disquiet of our time be properly grasped, made comprehensible, examined, and articulated? Over the course of the last two centuries the radical changes have made new and fascinating ideas a subject matter for artists, writers, filmmakers, performers, composers and musicians. It is with this recognition that the 56th International Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia proposes All the World’s Futures a project devoted to a fresh appraisal of the relationship of art and artists to the current state of things.

The 136 Artists and Art Collectives Exhibiting include:

ABBOUD, Jumana Emil, ABDESSEMED, Adel, ABONNENC, Mathieu Kleyebe, ABOUNADDARA, ACHOUR, Boris, ADKINS, Terry, AFIF, Saâdane, AKERMAN, Chantal, AKOMFRAH, John AKPOKIERE, Karo, AL SOLH, Mounira, ALGÜN RINGBORG, Meriç, ALLORA, Jennifer & CALZADILLA, Guillermo, ATAMAN, Kutlug, BAJEVIC, Maja, BALLESTEROS, Ernesto, BALOJI, Sammy, BARBA, Rosa, BASELITZ, Georg, BASUALDO, Eduardo, BAUER, Petra, BESHTY, Walead, BHABHA, Huma, BOLTANSKI, Christian, BONVICINI, Monica, BOYCE, Sonia, BOYD, Daniel, BREY, Ricardo, BROODTHAERS, Marcel, BRUGUERA, Tania, BURGA, Teresa, CALHOUN, Keith & McCORMICK, Chandra, CAO, Fei, CHAMEKH, Nidhal, CHERNYSHEVA, Olga CHUNG, Tiffany, COOPERATIVA CRÁTER INVERTIDO, CREATIVE TIME SUMMIT, DAMIANI, Elena, DELLER, Jeremy, DJORDAJDZE, Thea, DUMAS, Marlene, E-FLUX JOURNAL, EDWARDS, Melvin, EFFLATOUN, Inji, EHMANN, Antje & FAROCKI, Harun, EICHHORN, Maria, EVANS, Walker, FAROCKI, Harun, FLOYD, Emily, FRIEDL, Peter, FUSCO, Coco, FUSINATO, Marco, GAINES, Charles, GALLAGHER, Ellen, GALLARDO, Ana, GARCIA, Dora, GATES, Theaster, GENZKEN, Isa, GLUKLYA, GOMES, Sônia, GROSSE, Katharina, GULF LABOR, GURSKY, Andreas, HAACKE, Hans, HADJITHOMAS, Joana & JOREIGE, Khalil, HARRY, Newell, HASSAN, Kay, HIRSCHHORN, Thomas,HÖLLER, Carsten, HOLT, Nancy & SMITHSON, Robert, IM, Heung Soon, INVISIBLE BORDERS: Trans-African Photographers, ISHIDA, Tetsuya, JI, Dachun, JULIEN, Isaac, K., Hiwa, KAMBALU, Samson, KIM, Ayoung, KLUGE, Alexander, KNGWARREYE, Emily Kame, LAGOMARSINO, Runo, LEBER, Sonia & CHESWORTH, David, LIGON, Glenn, MABUNDA, Gonçalo, MADHUSUDHANAN, MAHAMA, Ibrahim, MALJKOVIC, David, MAN, Victor, MANSARAY, Abu Bakarr, MARKER, Chris, MARSHALL, Kerry James, MARTEN, Helen, MAURI, Fabio, McQUEEN, Steve, MOHAIEMEN, Naeem MORAN, Jason, MÜLLER, Ivana, MUNROE, Lavar, MURILLO, Oscar, MUTU, Wangechi, NAM, Hwayeon, NAUMAN, Bruce, NDIAYE, Cheikh, NICOLAI, Olaf, OFILI, Chris, OGBOH, Emeka PARRENO, Philippe, PASCALI, Pino, PIPER, Adrian, PONIFASIO, Lemi, QIU, Zhijie, RAISSNIA, Raha, RAQS MEDIA COLLECTIVE (NARULA, Monica; BAGCHI, Jeebesh; SENGUPTA, Shuddhabrata), REYNAUD-DEWAR, Lili, RIDNYI, Mykola, ROBERTS, Liisa, ROTTENBERG, Mika, SCHÖNFELDT, Joachim, SELMANI, Massinissa, SENGHOR, Fatou Kandé, SHETTY, Prasad & GUPTE, Rupali, SIBONY, Gedi, SIMMONS, Gary, SIMON, Taryn, SIMPSON, Lorna, SMITHSON, Robert, SUBOTZKY, Mikhael, SUHAIL, Mariam, SZE, Sarah, THE PROPELLER GROUP, The TOMORROW, TIRAVANIJA, Rirkrit, TOGUO, Barthélémy, XU, Bing, YOUNIS, Ala.

Words: Sara Faith Photo: P C Robinson © Artlyst 2015

The Venice Biennale runs from 9 May – 22 November, 2015

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