Art Coma 7 – Working with the Canvas of the Universe


The 2D canvas of the universe is known by some as the ‘matrix’, a well known phrase bought in to being with the film, and the slogan; have your choice of the red pill or the white pill, a choice to go down the rabbit hole and find the ‘truth’ or to stay on the earth in a place of ignorance and for some, bliss.


The choice of the red pill, takes a person in to the journey of ‘radical doubt’ to cross the bridge in to a philosopher’s language and perception, into dissecting the consciousness of life and the true nature of being.


Historically, the movement of going down the rabbit hole can be seen in many cultures through shamanism, in which using a drum to take us in to trance we can go through the portals and doorways beyond the limits of the mind and connect with universal consciousness and the matrix. We do this at first be visualising a tree with a hole at the base of its roots which if we descend in to takes us to middle earth, here we are met by a power animal who takes us on a journey of self evolution. Visually it’s like watching a dream or a film play out, however it has the power on awakening to re-programme your life and your reality.


However, recently I have discovered there are many matrix’s to the ‘technology’ of conscious, far more dimensions of truth and ‘reality’ than I could possibly hold a picture of in my head.


There are also matrix’s that feed us in to the nature of survival and fear, governmental systems of programming that hold us in a space of constant live for work, for money, live for political and governmental systems of life and livelihood.


Knowing that every form of programming, in the technology of consciousness of the body and the mind we have to pick the matrix and lifestyle we want to work with.


Source energy is a frequency of love and peace, it’s the highest vibration technology that allows the ‘technology’ of animals to live and breath and to ‘love’. Humans, it seems have developed technology in the image of technology, we are on the edge of introducing ‘love’ frequencies in to the upload and downloads of physical technology, this can be seen in the social media sites, there is definitely a gentle move to working with this vibration although the most interfering aspect is insecurity and the matrix that causes people to make choices based on fear of living with lack. The fear of where money comes from, the fear of loosing, makes people possessive, selfish and choose to have their own freedom rather than take a mass of people in to freedom.


Recently, I watched a science documentary, I heard that anything that went in to black holes, disintegrated but the blueprint was left at the frontal portal of the blackhole. I became interested that this maybe another access point to tune in to the matrix of consciousnesss, life and to work with reality. I did a deep meditation and went on the jourey of plugging into this system of technology, to visualise the blackhole was like visualising a volcano with an empty plug, walking around the neck we can tune in, this allows us to plug in to the 2D information which creates the holograms that we all are. Most artists are aware that the colours we see is just messages to the brain, the senses are just messages, we could all be living in a 2D format with the illusion of being 3D. Colour is not real, its simply broken down light reflecting off different surfaces, however scientists also now know that we are holograms, we are messaged to experience life in a way that makes us ‘feel’ like we are having the experience of living. We are in fact it seems living a projection of life and lifestyle, nothing is real. All senses are merely an illusion of energetic stimuli, technology of consciousness, to allow us to see feel and hear in ways to create experiences.


It therefore makes sense that the best way to create our realities is to look at the output we are in ‘communion’ with in respect of the matrix, we need to get right in to that 2D data and start to influence it in ways in which we want. We can bring anything we like to this world. How can we encourage our experience to be that of  joy, peace and deeply satisfying sensory perception? How can we ‘create’ a phenomenal reality? you decide…


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